6 August 2016

Review: THE GROWN UP, Gillian Flynn

This is a rather quirky Kindle single.

What does a sex worker do when she gets RSI? Nerdy has worked out that in three years she has given 23,546 hand jobs. But she still needs to earn a living, so she turns to reading auras and generally providing advice.  For this she needs zero training. In fact most of her clients will be only too willing to talk her about their problems. Many of the women who visit her are desperate but don't have enough money to visit a real therapist.

And that is how she meets Susan Burke. She judges Susan as nervous, rich, but lacking in confidence, and definitely in need of her help. Susan has a problem with her stepson. Nerdy and Susan become quite close, but then things don't follow the path Nerdy expects.

Rather an amusing read. 

My rating: 4.2

1 comment:

pattinase (abbott) said...

I was not a fan of this tale although I enjoy her other work.


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