17 December 2012

MiP will host Global Reading Challenge for 2013

In answer to a couple of emails I've had, MYSTERIES in PARADISE will host a Global Reading Challenge for 2013.

So does anybody have any suggestions for changes in the structure or rules?
Does the Mr Linky set up for each "continent" work ok for you or would you rather a monthly reporting system?

Please leave suggestions in comments.

I might not get a "sign up" post with a suitable image up until mid January as I don't return to Australia until then, but feel free to commit via a comment on this post.


Anonymous said...

I happen to like the Global Reading Challenge much. Although I don't use Mr. Linky, I can write blog comments and I read MIP all of the time so I see the lists others write.

Is there any way to have more of a discussion on the books read per continent -- or historical, etc.?

I'm a glutton for all of this, and thank you for doing it.

Shonna said...

The 2012 format worked for me, but I`m just thankful you are doing it.
I like being able to see easily what others have read.


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