1 December 2015

What I have read in November 2015

I have only read 7 books this month, a bit of a slow down for me, but I have been reading the same book for about 10 days now. I think jet lag clicked in a bit last week and my brain has been struggling with the change in hemispheres, as well as the impact of those long flights back to Australia.
 My pick of the month is a toss up between THE NATURE OF THE BEAST by Louise Penny and EVIL GAMES by Angela Marsons.

Check what others have chosen here.


Terra said...

I like Louise Penny and have been thinking I would like to read Ngaio Marsh again, I read him long ago.

Anonymous said...

Glad your reading was mostly good, Kerrie. Reminds me that I must get back to some Christopher Folwer!


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