30 December 2016

My best reads for 2016

I've just taken my top 10 titles, but there are plenty more on my list, and plenty of Australian representation here too. (A)
And a number of them I read as E books on my Kindle (E)
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  1. 5.0, THE LAKE HOUSE, Kate Morton (A) (E)
  2. 5.0, A DEADLY THAW, Sarah Ward (E)
  3. 5.0, THE WRONG HAND, Jane Jago (A)
  4. 5.0, CONCLAVE, Robert Harris 
  5. 5.0, THE RULES OF BACKYARD CRICKET, Jock Serong (A) (E)
  6. 4.9, WHAT SHE NEVER TOLD ME, Kate McQuaile (E)
  7. 4.9, ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING, Evie Wyld (A)
  8. 4.9, COFFIN ROAD, Peter May
  9. 4.9, PLAY DEAD, Angela Marsons (E)
  10. 4.9, BLOOD LINES, Angela Marsons (E)

1 comment:

Marce said...

Happy New Year Kerrie. Angela Marsons series is on my list, definitely starting that this year. One of my goals is to finish a series, I am considering this one or MJ Alridge.

Coffin Road is also on my list.


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