1 April 2012

What I read in March 2012

Crime Fiction 2012
I've read some really good books this month as you'll see from my list below. I read a mixture of recently published (rp), some translated books (tr) and classics.
Only two audio books this month, 7 e-books on my Kindle, 5 hard covers from the local library, one review copy, and regretfully no Australian authors.

Pick of the month was a near thing but my choice went to GONE by Mo Hayder,  a book that had me on the edge of my seat as it raced towards its conclusion. I read GONE on my Kindle. Click on the hyperlink for my review.

  1. 4.6, THE HOLLOW, Agatha Christie - Kindle
  2. 4.8, THE BOY IN THE SUITCASE, Lena Kaarbol & Agnete Friis - Kindle- rp, tr
  3. 4.3, GIDEON'S NIGHT, John Creasey (aka J.J. Marric)  - audio book
  4. 4.4, NIGHT ROUNDS, Helene Tursten - library book - rp, tr
  5. 4.5, BEASTLY THINGS, Donna Leon -  review copy  - rp
  6. 4.5, THE LIMPOPO ACADEMY OF PRIVATE DETECTION, Alexander McCall Smith  - library book - rp
  7. 5.0, GONE, Mo Hayder  - Kindle - rp
  8. 4.3, A LILY OF THE FIELD, John Lawton  - library book
  9. 4.8, 1222, Anne Holt  - Kindle - rp, tr
  10. 4.4, SPARKLING CYANIDE, Agatha Christie  - library book
  11. 4.4, WITCH HUNT, Ian Rankin - audio
  12. 4.6, THE BEST MAN TO DIE, Ruth Rendell
  13. 4.3, 8 POUNDS, Chris. F. Holm  - Kindle
  14. 3.8, ANTIQUES ROADKILL, Barbara Allan- Kindle
  15. 4.9, THE NOBODIES ALBUM, Carolyn Parkhurst - library book - rp
  16. 4.4, INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS, Imogen Robertson  - Kindle
So far this year I've read 44 books and so I'm well on target for 166 books and in achieving most of my reading challenges. See my Updates page.


    Prashant C. Trikannad said...

    Sixteen books read in March! That's about a book every two days. I used to read like that in college. Now I'd be lucky if I read as many in a year. Among some of the fine books you've read, I'm keen to read INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS.

    Sarah said...

    I haven't read any Mo Hayder, Kerrie. Glad you liked her.

    Maxine Clarke said...

    Great list of books, Kerrie. I would have switched the order of Parkhurst and Hayder if it had been me ;-) but I think both are very good. Gone was definitely a return to form for Hayder after a couple of so-so books, for me.

    Cat said...

    I'm reading Gone now and was thinking it's going to be hard to beat for my April pick. Glad you enjoyed it too.

    kathy d. said...

    I'd say my favorite reads of March were Voice of the Violin, a Camilleri/Montalbano book; The Devotion of Suspect X and, sticking my neck out, Breakdown by Paretsky.

    I am trying to read All Cry Chaos by Leonard Rosen but seem to be frozen in mid-book.


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