28 September 2008

Weekly Geeks # 19: Top 10 books published in 2008

The challenge in Weekly Geeks #19 is to, before October 25,

1. Compile your list of favorites. Please be sure that books you choose actually were published in 2008, or at the very earliest in the winter holiday season of 2007. Sometimes books that come out then are left out.

2. Come back and sign Mr Linky with the url to your top books of 2008 post.

3. If you happen to see any non-WG bloggers making similar lists, please grab the url and come put it in Mr Linky for them. Let them know you’re doing that, please, in case they have some sort of objection; if they do, they can ask me to remove their link. I’ve already seen a couple favorites of 2008 posts, which is another reason I wanted to get started early.

4. Feel free to make changes to your list if you read something new in the next few weeks. After about October 25, I can’t guarantee your changes will be reflected in the master list. We’ll probably start compiling lists around then.

5. Please consider whether you’d like to help me compile lists.

If you follow my blog, then you'll know that creating such a list is no problem for me.
You can see my ranked list for all the books I have read in 2008 at Smik's Reviews (all my reviews)

Here are my top 10, chosen from books published in 2008

SHATTER, Michael Robotham
CARELESS IN RED, Elizabeth George
VOODOO DOLL, Leah Giarratano
NO TIME FOR GOODBYE, Linwood Barclay

There don't seem to be all that many crime fiction readers amongst my fellow weekly geekers, so my choices probably won't poll all that well, unless fellow crime fiction bloggers decide to chime in. There are some Australian authors in my list too - Michael Robotham, PD Martin, and Leah Giarratano - and they probably won't poll particularly well overall either.

Also, in our genre we have so much choice, so the choices could be wide ranging rather than concentrated. Much will depend on people sticking to the published in 2008 rule. Of course what it doesn't take into account that some books are published in some countries earlier than in others. We often find that books published in Australia are not available in the UK or the US until later, or vice versa. There are always flaws in any rule.

Meanwhile, you've read my list. Are any of mine in your top 10? What crime fiction have I left out that you would put in your top 10? Please feel free to list your top 10 in your comment, but only those published in 2008. I might work up a "local" poll for us in a couple of weeks time.


Anonymous said...

Some list! I must check out a few!

Do check my short list

BTW, I checked that wwbsite. Thanks!

Uriah Robinson said...

Kerrie I thought we shared the same reading DNA and I have only read the Nesbo.
See my half year best here:


Icedream said...

I have When Will There Be Good News on my shelf but haven't been able to get to yet. I am glad you have it on your list.

Bookfool said...

I haven't heard of any of those! Oh, no! You're going to get me in all sorts of trouble. Maybe none of them have been published on the other side of the world, although with names like Kate Atkinson and Elizabeth George . . . doubtful.

Kerrie said...

The fact that we have all read something different just points out how much choice there is around!

My list is a bit restricted too because I had to choose from those published in 2008

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

Terrific! Your list will come in very handy for my crime/fic selection during the Genre Challenge :) This is a genre I am interested in exploring but I have no knowledge of.

Kerrie said...

Take a look at my full list for this year Zombie, it includes books not published in 2008, and may be better for your purposes.

Dewey said...

I think that a lot of people who mostly don't read crime fiction still read a little here and there. So maybe your choices will get some mentions from others.


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