27 December 2008

Your Best Crime Fiction reads in 2008

Lots of people are publishing their "best reads" for 2008.
Mine are easy to find.

I thought perhaps we could try something different here, by having readers of this blog give me their top 10 crime fiction reads for 2008 via a comment, and then in about a week's time I will collate the lists with mine and give a definitive list.

O.K. So the rules are
  1. it is about crime fiction you've read in 2008. Year of publication doesn't matter.
  2. about 10 titles in the format of title, author (no need for description etc).
  3. any order will do. If you think one was so much better than the others, you might like to put it in your list twice.
  4. You have until Jan 4 to do it.
  5. You can help on your own blog by writing about what I am doing and pointing people to this post, so they can come here and contribute their list.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the final list looks like.

The first results:
What we said - tops in 2008


Glenn Harper said...

Kerrie: Thanks for your Best Reads, 2008, challenge: I'm posting a list here, but I'll post some discussion (or justification) on my own blog--and I can't resist posting some films & TV series, too (though I'm saving a "worst film" for my blog).
Peter Temple, Bad Debts
Giancarlo De Cataldo, Crimini
Jo Nesbø, The Devil’s Star
Dominique Manotti, Lorraine Connection
John McFetridge, Dirty Sweet
Håkan Nesser, Mind’s Eye
Jakob Arjouni, Kismet
Magdalen Nabb, Vita Nuova
Carlo Lucarelli, Via Delle Oche
Arnaldur Indridason, Arctic Chill
Allan Guthrie, Savage Night
Adrian Hyland, Diamond Dove
Movies & TV:
Proof (Irish TV series)
The Wire (HBO TV series)
The Brush Off, Sam Neill (Murray Whelan)
Jar City (Myrin), Baltasar Kormákur (Erlendur)
Noise, Matthew Saville
Pars Vite et Reviens Tard, Regis Wargnier (Adamsberg)
In Bruges, Martin McDonagh
The Lookout, Scott Frank


Marg said...

Here's my list!

The Ape Who Guards the Balance by Elizabeth Peters

Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn

Seduction in Death by J D Robb

The Falcon at the Portal by Elizabeth Peters

Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong

Diamond Dove by Adrian Nyland

Purity in Death by J D Robb

When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

Anonymous said...

I'm already doing this for Karen's annual Euro Crime reviewers' round up, so watch for Euro Crime blog and compare! (Previous years' choices are also on the Euro Crime listings page.)

Kerrie said...

Thanks for your responses. I think this may result in a very disparate list of titles.
I see what I am doing in asking my readers for their choices as a little different to most lists of crime fiction "tops" Maxine.

Uriah Robinson said...

Kerrie I am also doing this for Karen's Euro Crime Annual List so it will be interesting to compare lists.

Lourdes said...

Good idea, Kerrie. Here are mine:
The Risk of Darkness, Susan Hill
The Redbreast, Jo Nesbo
Slip of the Knife, Denise Mina
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
Lying Dead, Aline Templeton
Gentlemen and Players, Joanne Harris
The Cold Dish, Craig Johnson
White Nights, Ann Cleeves
The Cruelest Month, Louise Penny
No Time for Goodbye, Linwood Barclay

Kerrie said...

Thanks for your list Lourdes

Anonymous said...

Oh this is fun. My "bests" are actually scheduled to post on my blog tomorrow morning, with the caveat that I read too many amazing detective stories this year to pick a best. But I can give you the top seven:

Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell
Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler
The Murderer Vine by Shepard Rifkin
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Kerrie said...

Thanks Nicole. You said 7 but there are only 6 in your list. Did you leave something out?

The Tome Traveller said...

Here's my list:

-Nox Dormienda by Kelli Stanley
-Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
-Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn
-When Gods Die by C.S. Harris
-What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris
-The Devil Can Wait by Marta Stephens
-The Black Tower by Louis Bayard
-The Victoria Vanishes by Christopher Fowler


Kerrie said...

Been meaning to read both those Raybourn's Carey

Unknown said...

Here are my favorite crime fiction titles for 2008:
Black Seconds, by Karin Fossum
Cold in Hand, by John Harvey
Demon of Dakar, by Kjell Eriksson
Finding Nouf, by Zoe Ferraris
Not in the Flesh, by Ruth Rendell
The Girl of His Dreams, by Donna Leon
Monsieur Monde Vanishes, by Georges Simenon
The Graving Dock, by Gabriel Cohen
The Chameleon's Shadow, by Minette Walters
The Pure in Heart, by Susan Hill

Kerrie said...

Thanks Roberta

pattinase (abbott) said...

Robbie's Wife, Russell Hill
Dust Devils, James Reasoner
Four Corners of the Night, Craig Holden
Some Unknown Person, Sandra Scoppettone
I Am Legend, Richard Matheson
Go With Me, Castle Freeman
Give Us a Kiss, Daniel Woodrell
Dawn Patrol, Don Winslow
Sleeping Dogs, Ed Gorman
Small Crimes, Dave Zeltserman
Songs for the Missing, Stewart O'Nan
Bury Me Deep, Megan Abbott

Kerrie said...

They are all "new titles" to me Patti

Lesa said...

As I said, thanks for the idea. I'll post my list on my blog, and a link to yours. Here's my list, Kerrie.

The Fault Tree by Louise Ure
Blood of the Wicked by Leighton Gage
The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny
Death Will Get You Sober by Elizabeth Zelvin
What Burns Within by Sandra Ruttan
The Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein
Rubicon by Lawrence Alexander
Hell Hole by Chris Grabenstein
The Fourth Time is Murder by Steven F. Havill
The Anteater of Death by Betty Webb

Kerrie said...

The list grows. Thanks Lesa. There are now over 100 titles and very few "repeats". Just shows how strong the genre is, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

9 bests, no order Kerrie, I enjoyed them all. I have other 'non crimes' I rated hgher, but for your genre, my list. :)

Frantic by Katherine Howell
Malicious Intent: by Kathryn Fox
Vodka doesn't freeze by Leah Giarratano
Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill
Every Secret Thing by Laura Lippman
Body count by P.D. Martin
Shatter by Michael Robotham
Out of the deep I cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming
My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Young

Lesa said...

It's terrific, Kerrie. Nice to see all of those titles on the list. And, my blog links to yours tomorrow, suggesting people send you their lists.

Anonymous said...

My list is

The Broken Shore by Peter Temple

The Savage Altar (a.k.a The Sun Storm) by Asa Larsson

Blue Heaven by C J Box

Still Waters by Nigel McCrery

Devil's Peak by Deon Meyer

A Certain Malice by Felicity Young

Earthly Delights by Kerry Greenwood

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Vodka Doesn't Freeze by Leah Giarratano

The Collaborator of Bethlehem (a.k.a. The Bethlehem Murders) by Matt Beynon Rees

Kerrie said...

The accumulated list is beginning to look very interesting.
Thanks Rhubarbwhine, Lesa, and Bernadette.

Ali Karim said...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE by Stieg Larsson - UK [Quercus] / US [Random House]

Death was the other Woman by Linda Richards [Thomas Dunne Books]

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith
UK Simon and Schuster
USA Grand Central Publishing


BONE BY BONE by Carol O' Connell

BAD THINGS by Mike Marshall

Arnaldur Indridason, Arctic Chill

No Time for Goodbye, Linwood Barclay

So Many Books So Little time - so these are from the top of my Head

Best wishes for 2009

Corey Wilde said...

It isn't easy to whittle the list to ten, but here goes:

Once Were Cops, Ken Bruen
Drowned Hopes, Donald E. Westlake
Chasing Darkness, Robert Crais
Envy the Night, Michael Koryta
Toros & Torsos, Craig McDonald
Trigger City, Sean Chercover
The Cold Dish, Craig Johnson
The Virgin of Small Plains, Nancy Pickard
The Bridge of Sighs, Olen Steinhauer
Coffin's Got the Dead Guy On the Inside, Keith Snyder

Maria said...

Followed the link from Lesa's blog. I did a top reads list on my own blog, but thought I'd list the mystery/crime tops from that list here (since you're collecting!)

State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy
Dead Woman's Shoes by Kaye C. Hill

The rest on my top ten list were either fantasy, sci/fi or urban fantasy. It's probable that John Levitt's "New Tricks" could go on this crime list because it's definitely full of crime, but it is a fantasy novel, so I didn't include it above.

I love these lists. I always find good things to read!!!

Cathy said...

Here are mine. I've linked to your blog on my post!

* The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson
* The Dead Hour by Denise Mina
* Slip of the Knife by Denise Mina
* Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride
* The Stick Game by Peter Bowen
* Cruzatte and Maria by Peter Bowen
* Dreaming of the Bones by Deborah Crombie
* No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay
* The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
* Echoes From the Dead by Johann Theorin

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Kerrie - I'm thinking about which books to list and I'll let you know when I've posted them on my blog.

Kerrie said...

This project has certainly taken off!
18 contributors so far, and some more promised. 165 books listed (some repeats) and some contenders for the leader board. Probably too, when the dust settles, we'll find that some of the books mentioned by others, while not making our personal top 10, were in the next 10. Just illustrates the depth of what is out there.

Kerrie said...

Many thanks Ali, Corey, Cathy, Maria, and Marg (in anticipation).
Thanks for helping to spread the word everyone.

Marg said...

In anticipation?? My post went up on December 27.

Kerrie said...

Another Marg (from the other side of the globe)

Marg said...


Confused me for a minute!

Barbara said...

I've posted mine at my blog but to make things easy, here they are:

The Cleanup by Sean Doolittle
Gas City by Loren Estelman
A Nail Through the Heart by Timothy Hallinan
Reconstruction by Mick Herron
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere by John McFetridge
The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo
Mean Town Blues by Sam Reeves
Shatter by Michael Robotham (let's hear it for the Aussies!)
Echoes from the Dead by Johan Theorin

Anonymous said...

My Best Reads of 2008

1. Down River - John Hart (2007)
2. The Last Good Kiss - James Crumley (1978)
3. Already Dead - Charlie Huston (2005)
4. No Dominion - Charlie Huston (2006)
5. Small Crimes - Dave Zeltserman (2008)
6. The Brass Verdict - Michael Connelly (2008)
7. The Unquiet - John Connolly (2007)
8. The Blonde - Duane Swierczynski (2007)
9. The Blade Itself - Marcus Sakey (2007)
10. Bad Luck and Trouble - Lee Child (2007)

Kerrie said...

Welcome Barbara and CT. Thanks for your selections

The other one said...

Best Crime Fiction Read in 2008:

Curse of the Spellmans – Lisa Lutz
Cutter and Bone – Newton Thornberg
The Big Clock – Kenneth Fearing
The Deadly Percheron – John Franklin Bardin
Christine Falls – Benjamin Black
In The Woods – Tana French
What The Dead Know – Laura Lippman
The Widow – Georges Simenon
The Barbarous Coast – Ross Macdonald
Sherlock Holmes Was Wrong: Reopening The Case of The Hound Of The Baskervilles -- Pierre Bayard

(the last requires special pleading -- it either qualifies as a book about crime fiction, or, in my idiosyncratic opinion, could be read as a crime novel itself, rather like Josephine Tey's "the Daughter of Time")

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sorry about the previous comment. Made a mistake, so let's start over.

My Best Mysteries of 2008

In the Shadow of the Glacier–Vicki Delaney
A Flaw in the Blood–Stephanie Barron
Death’s Half Acre–Margaret Maron
Fractured–Karin Slaughter
Tilt a Whirl–Chris Grabenstein
Mad Mouse–Chris Grabenstein
Whack a Mole–Chris Grabenstein
Hell Hole–Chris Grabenstein
The Keepsake-Tess Gerritsen
The Cold Dish-Craig Johnson
And Only to Deceive – Tasha Alexander

That's more than 10, but what can I say? My very favorite for the year was FRACTURED with THE COLD DISH a close second. Also, Chris Grabenstein was my big discovery. What a talented author with such fun books!

Kerrie said...

Wow, over 200 books now folks. Keep em coming.
Thanks Bullwinkle and Kay.
With our reading list you won't have to look for any new books!

Peter Rozovsky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Rozovsky said...

OK, let's see. I've posted a list of five outstanding crime novels published in 2008 that I've read. There are, in no particular order:

1) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, by John McFetridge

2) Second Violin, by John Lawton

3) The Draining Lake, by Arnaldur Indriðason

4) The Big O, by Declan Burke

5) Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio, by Amara Lakhous

6) The Chinaman, by Friedrich Glauser

Numbers 4 and 6 come with asterisks. I read The Big O and The Chinaman in 2007, but both were published in the U.S. in 2008, and the list was for an article in a U.S. newspaper.

Other highlights of my crime-reading year were Adrian McKinty's Michael Forsythe trilogy (Dead I Well May Be, The Dead Yard, The Bloomsday Dead) and Ken Bruen's Priest.

Honorable mention to short stories by Arthur Morrison and Michael Gilbert.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Anonymous said...

Kathy Durkin commented...
The absolute best read of 2008 was
The Likeness, Tana French
This Night's Foul Work, Fred Vargas
In the Woods, Tana French
The Girl of his Dreams, Donna Leon
Finding Nouf, Zoe Ferraris
A Slip of the Knife, Denise Mina
The Man in the Blizzard, Bart Schneider
Every Secret Thing, Laura Lippman
Generation Loss, Elizabeth Hand
What was Lost, Catherine O'Flynn
A Patent Lie, Paul Goldstein
Open and Shut, David Rosenfeld
Death will Get you Sober, Elizabeth Zelvin
Last Rituals, Yrsa Siggarddottir

Kerrie said...

Thanks Peter and Kathy

Peter Rozovsky said...

I should throw Bertie and the Seven Bodies by Peter Lovesey in there, too.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - have just nipped over from Random after seeing your comment and I will be delighted to give you my list. Will have fun working on this today!

Martin Edwards said...

Not in any particular order (and I'm sure I've forgotten a few good ones):

Bleeding Heart Square - Andrew Taylor
When will there be good news? - Kate Atkinson
White Nights - Ann Cleeves
The Blood Pit - Kate Ellis
The Headhunters - Peter Lovesey
The Prisoner - Boileau and Narcejac
Woman of Straw - Catherine Arley
The Private Patient - PD James
The Mind's Eye - Hakan Nesser
Little Face - Sophie Hannah

Anonymous said...

Here's my list (also on my blog with a link to yours):
The Death of Dalziel, Reginald Hill
Messenger of Truth, Jacqueline Winspear
A Splash of Red, Antonia Fraser
The Seven Dials Mystery, Agatha Christie
Nemesis, Agatha Christie
Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders, Gyles Brandreth
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, P D James
Lock 14, Georges Simenon
The Arsenic Labyrinth, Martin Edwards
The Tiger in the Smoke, Margery Allingham

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie - hope I've done this right, but here are my top ten crime reads for 2008. I did wonder about including Winter in Madrid but decided against it. It often appears in the Crime Section of bookshops over here, but that's probably more because of its author's other works - I don't really think it's a crime novel. I'm also thinking of adding a 'reader's feature' to my own blog in the New Year (once I've worked out the technology!), so watch this space! Happy reading for 2009.

Jo Nesbo, Nemesis
Karin Fossum, Black Seconds
Ake Edwardson, Frozen Tracks
Colin Cotterill, The Coroner's Lunch
Andrea Camilleri, The Patience of the Spider
Andrea Camilleri, The Paper Moon
Qiu Xialong, Red Mandarin Dress
Arnaldur Indridason, The Draining Lake
Natsuo Kirino, Grotesque
Declan Hughes, The Colour of Blood

Lorri Amsden said...

Here is a list of the books I enjoyed the most this year:
1. Joseph Caldwell, Pig Did It
2. Mary Ann Shaffer, Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
3. John Levitt, New Tricks (This is a new series written by a cop who presents us with a dark and magical San Francisco rich with jazz, scotch and appealing characters)
4. Rachel Caine, Gale Force (another series I discovered this year, and found fascinating enough to devoured all 7 books in a weeks time.)
5. Martin Millar, Lonely Werewolf Girl (This is a new favorite I will certainly read again.)
6. Mike Carey, Vicious Circle
7. Kathleen Kent, Heretic's Daughter
8. Selden Edwards, Little Book
9. Michael Cox, Glass of Time
10. Kate Morton, House at Riverton

Xavier said...

The following is a first draft set in alphabetical order - I'm torn between two equally amazing books, unable to decide which one is the best of the year. I'll post a ranking on my blog when I finally make up my mind.

Evelyn Berckman, The Becknoning Dream
Ursula Curtiss, Don't Open the Door
Pierre Darcis, L'Estompe
Doris Miles Disney, Room for Murder
Michel Guibert, Piano Nobile
Paul Halter, Les Larmes de Sibyl
Cyril Hare, An English Murder
Maurice Leblanc, The Extravagant Life of Balthazar
Jean Stubbs, Dear Laura
Henry Wade, Released to Death

Literary Feline said...

What a great idea, Kerrie! Here are my ten crime fiction novels of the year:

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson
Moonlight Downs by Adrian Hyland
Out by Natsuo
Death Without Company by Craig Johnson
Shot Girl by Karen E. Olson
A Grave in Gaza Matt Beynon Rees
Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson
Sun and Shadow by Åke Edwardson
Anarchy and Old Dogs by Colin Cotterill
Baby Shark by Robert Fate

Kerrie said...

Latest contributors acknowledged - Literary Feline, Xavier, ProfMike, Lorri, Martin, and an addenda from Peter - many thanks to all of you. The number of books is up to 300 - probably about 250 when I take duplicates into account, and 30 contributors who look like the Who's Who of crime fiction bloggers. 3 days to go before I'll close the activity off and start to do lists etc. but it is going well. There is an amazing range of titles and authors.

Unknown said...

Well, I only read ten crime fiction books during the year, so a top ten from me would be not right. However, I'll give my top three:

The Yiddish Policemen's Union, Michael Chabon

Give and Take, Stona Fitch

The Talented Mr. Ripley, Patricia Highsmith

sally906 said...

My Top Mystery for the year was: Shatter by Michael Robotham

After this my top 10 are (In alphabetical order by title):
An Easeful Death by Felicity Young
Blood Precious by Sara Banerji
Body Count by PD Martin
Bright Air by Barry Maitland
Dead Lovely by Helen Fitzgerald
Frantic by Katherine Howell
Friend of the Devil by Peter Robinson
Nathan Fox:Traitor's Gold by Lynn Brittney
Overkill by Vanda Symon
Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourne
The Darkest Hour by Katherine Howell
The Murderers' Club by PD Martin

OK - so that is twelve books - but it is 10 authors :)

Kerrie said...

Every little bit counts Ratty

Kerrie said...

And thanks to you too Sally

Anonymous said...

OK, in no particular order:

THE BRASS VERDICT, Michael Connelly
BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD, Sean Chercover
SINS FOR FATHER KNOX, Joseph Skvorecky
QUEENPIN, Megan Abbott
TRIGGER CITY, Sean Chercover
MONEY SHOT, Christa Faust

Gerard Brennan said...

Hi Kerrie

I've read a lot of crime fiction this year, and the quality has been fantastic, but I'll stick to the rules and only list ten. Don't want to think about it too much, so I'll go with the ones that pop into my head first. No particular order.

American Skin, Ken Bruen
Hidden River, Adrian McKinty
Eightball Boogie, Declan Burke
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, John McFetridge
Yours Confidentially, Garbhan Downey
Gallows Lane, Brian McGilloway
The Colour of Blood, Declan Hughes
Orpheus Rising, Colin Bateman
The Delegates' Choice, Ian Sansom
Fifty-To-One, Charles Ardai

Already I'm thinking of more that should be included in my best reads, but these guys popped into my head first, so I'll stick with the list as it is.



Kerrie said...

How widely we read! Thanks Rafe and Gerard

Janet Rudolph said...

This was very difficult since I read so many mysteries. The fact that I remember these means they must have been in the top ten. The Guernsey book is not technically a mystery, but it's fabulous. Check my blog for other reviews and titles.

What a fun activity. Very well read people... very diverse.

When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson
Deadheads by Reginald Hill
In the Woods by Tana French
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
The Likeness by Tana French
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
The Headhunters by Peter Lovesey
The Last Enemy by Grace Brophy
Water Like a Stone by Deborah Crombie
I Shall Not Want by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Kerrie said...

Thanks janet. I'm not sure how much fun it is going to be sorting 350 suggestions by 35 or so people! The lists certainly make interesting reading though.

Paul D Brazill said...

-The Star & The Sea- Joseph O'Connor
-Money Shot-Christa faust
-No More Heroes -Ray Banks
-A Star Called Henry- Roddy Doyle
- Black& White- Nick Quantrill
-Powder Burn Flash
-Twist Of Noir
...just of the top of my head!

Kerrie said...

Are the last 2 written by Cormac Brown Paul?

Paul D Brazill said...

Hi Kerrie: the last 2 are ezines that have featured Comac, Ed Lynskey and many, many more...Happy New year BTW!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea. Here are mine (some new and some re-reads):
-The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
-Echo Park, Michael Connelly
-Brass Verdict, Michael Connelly
-The Woods, harlan Cobein
-Heart-Shaped Box, Joe Hill
-8 Million ways To Die, Lawrence Block
-The Cheater, Kevin Michaels
-Powder Burn Flash (literary zine)
-Darkness before the Dawn (another literary zine - both feature writings from Cormac Brown, Kevin Michaels, Joe Grant, Paul Brazill)


Paul D Brazill said...

Good list David and thanks for the mention but I haven't had anything in DBD! Haven't sent anything yet!Will give it a shot one day, though!

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the clarification Paul, and the list David

Mack said...

It is already the 4th in Australia but I'm posting my list anyway. I also thought about cheating by claiming a trilogy and quartet as a single titles but decided that wasn't in the spirit of the list. In no particular order, the 10 best of my reading in 2008:

A Hell of a woman: an Anthology of Female Noir, Megan Abbott editor.

Queenpin, Megan Abbott

Dead I May Well Be, Adrian McKinty

In a Lonely Place, Dorothy B. Hughes

The Blank Wall, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

1980, David Peace

The Big O, Declan Burke

Trigger City, Sean Chercover

Hoodtown, Christa Faust

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Kerrie said...

Never too late Mack. In reality I'm not doing anything about creating final lists etc. for another 30 hours, just to accommodate all time zones

Sara J. Henry said...

SHATTER, Michael Robotham
WHAT THE DEAD KNOW, Laura Lippmann
MIRACLE MYX, Dave Diotalevi
SAY GOODBYE, Lisa Gardner
THE KEEP, Jennifer Egan
MISSING, Karin Alvtegen

Kerrie said...

Good to see SHATTER and THE BROKEN SHORE there Sara. many thanks for participating

Elaine said...

Here are mine. I have done a lot of re-reading of old favourites this last year as well:

Vows of Silence - Susan Hill
Private Patient - P D James
Death in Holy Orders - P D James
Gaudy Night - DL Sayers
Thrones Dominations - Joan Paton Walsh and DL Sayers
Girl of his Dreams - Donna Leon
Cat Among the Pigeons - Agatha Christie (one of her later books and unlike most of them, no rambling, brilliant)
Five Little Pigs - Agatha Christie. One of her best 'middle period' books
Death in a White Tie - Ngaio Marsh

and have read several Miss Silver books by Patricia Wentworth, only just discovered, and enjoying them all

Kerrie said...

That's a good list Elaine. Thanks

J. Kingston Pierce said...

My top 10 for 2008 are these:

The Black Dove, by Steve Hockensmith
The Black Tower, by Louis Bayard
Child 44, by Tom Rob Smith
Dancing for the Hangman, by Martin Edwards
Fatal Lies, by Frank Tallis
The Dawn Patrol, by Don Winslow
Killing Frost, by R.D. Wingfield
A Quiet Flame, by Philip Kerr
Second Violin, by John Lawton
Stratton’s War, by Laura Wilson

Jeff Pierce
Editor, The Rap Sheet

Kerrie said...

Many thanks Jeff

Kerrie said...

The list is up folks, or at least stage 1 is

Kerrie said...

Thanks to Marg of Reading Adventures who has supplied me the perfect award to hand on to you.
You will find it at my most recent post

Please take it in the spirit in which it is offered, dispaly it on your blog if you will, and pass it on to 5 of your blogging buddies.


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