6 December 2008

Featured "Reader"

I'm the "reading photo" over on Pattinase's Forgotten Books this week, so if you are curious about what I look like, then pop over there. You'll also get an inkling of what books I'm currently trying to read. And bye the bye you'll get some excellent suggestions about books to look out for.

Patti has been featuring pictures of bloggers, friends and family reading for a few weeks now: young Kevin, Ali Karin reading a Stiegg Larsson, Bill Crider reading his own latest, David Cranmer, Grandfather Phil, Naomi Hirahar, Christa Faust, Brian Lindenmuth amd Sandra Ruttan, Lesa Holstine, Jim Winter, Clea Simon's cat, Gary Dobbs, Peter Rozovsky, John McFetridge, Juri Nummelin and more.

Have you told friends and family yet that this Christmas is " the year of the book"?
In the past I've had the year of the teatowel, the year of the bath towel, the year of the calendar, the year of the hamper, but the year of the book hasn't happened for a while.
There are so many good books around you surely won't have a problem choosing a swag. And if you are worried you won't buy one they'll want to read, then give a book voucher instead. And of course you could always opt for a book mark, a book stand, a book light, a book on tape, a book on CD.....
My advice is to just buy something you'd enjoy and then look grateful when they lend it back to you in the New Year.

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Sue Freeman said...

Yes - give a book stand, but not just any book stand. Take a look at the BookHug hands free book holder at http://www.displaystands4you.com.


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