2 December 2008

Carnival of Criminal Minds #27

After visiting the southern hemisphere, courtesy of Karen’s blog, it’s time to head north, to the part of the world where death-defying young female acrobats serve saffron rolls while singing and wearing lit candles on their head.

The host is Barbara Fister herself, at Scandinavian Crime Fiction, creator of the Carnival.
As our hostess says "Scandinavia is producing an astonishing output of fine crime fiction, celebrated at this blog."
This blog is part of a project to document and celebrate the amazing amount of high-quality crime fiction coming from the Scandinavian countries and being translated into English.
Start up funding for the project was provided by a Research, Scholarship and Creativity grant from Gustavus Adolphus College, a Swedish-heritage liberal arts college in Minnesota. See also the companion website.

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