5 December 2008

Progress Report: BLINDSIDE, J.R.Carroll

I'm listening to this in the car on 11 CDs, 13 and a bit hours worth.
I didn't read the blurb before I began listening, perhaps I should have. I think perhaps it should have one of these stickers on it.

Imagine .... I'm driving into the carpark at work and listening to a really gruesome account of a home invasion/burglary where the home owner is having his fingers systematically broken with a hammer. It was nearly too close to breakfast for me!

And then on the way home the main character, who is basically the narrator, meets up with a woman who rapidly becomes the love of his life, and his sexual partner. The sex is very graphic and seems to leave nothing to the imagination. Everytime Shaun and Jo are in the same room there is another bout! I feel quite relieved when they are apart.

As I said, perhaps I should have read the blurb first.
Here it is:
This raunchy page-turner features Shaun McCreadie, a young police detective who finds himself on the wrong side of the law and implicated in a brutal home invasion. When McCreadie is released from jail 11 years later he is determined to discover the nature of the crime that put him away. Armed with $2.8 million in ill-gotten gains and his police street smarts, McCreadie grapples with murderous former accomplices, corrupt old cop buddies, and the seductive wife of a prominent lawyer in his quest to find answers. His investigations reveal the nefarious activities of bent cops, drug dealing, framing, and murder. Elements of crime, justice, and illicit affairs combine to form an intricately plotted, tightly structured, intelligent, and sexy work of fiction.

Mind you, if you'd borrowed it from the Margaret River Library, you might have been caught unawares:
Suspense fiction. Shaun McCreadie was a young detective with a bright future - until he crossed the line and suddenly found himself behind prison bars for his role in a brutal home invasion that left two people dead. Eleven years later and he's out of jail, determined to find out what really went down on that terrible day. He is going to need all of his detective's know-how, as well as the survival skills learned inside, to get to the truth. J.R. Carroll skillfully interweaves all the strands in this gripping thriller, building Blindside to an edge-of-the-seat, explosive finale.

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Peter Rozovsky said...

Ha! Quite a difference between those two blurbs.
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