7 December 2008

What is your favourite fiction style?

I'm running a poll this week based on the following Wikipedia fiction genre list.
All fiction is essentially generic. But genre fiction is overtly and intentionally so, signalling its generic identity in the clearest possible terms. A horror novel, for example, makes it clear through its cover design, its blurb, the comments printed on the cover from other novelists, and so on, that it is a horror novel; and it will be shelved in the appropriate place in bookstores.
So which do you favour?
I left the last one off, and added historical, so pop in and vote.
Look for the poll in the blocks on the side.
I know, choosing is hard, and I've left some off such as YA fiction, chick-lit etc etc., but I had to draw the line somewhere.
I had a time deciding whether of the crime fiction I read, whether it is detective or mystery fiction I enjoy most. I decided mystery won by the narrowest of margins.
Leave a comment if you will.


sally906 said...

I voted fantasy - but in reality I read a wide range - but lean towards (lately) YA books. If I can get a mystery that has some paranormal stuff in it like a witch, ghost or elf I am in 7th heaven. I don't like horror so the ghost has to be a niceish ghost or only evil in the sense of groaning loudly and moving things around sort of thing - not scary :)

Yvonne said...

I voted for mystery, but it was really a toss up between mystery and romance. I love both.

Kerrie said...

People seem to like their mystery mixed with other tones - fantasy, romance, history. I have this theory that most books include little mysteries anyway. If there wasn't a puzzle to work out or a question to be answered then most stories would lack interest.

Ladytink_534 said...

I voted fantasy because I actually read a pretty even amount of everything on the list but I LOVE paranormals and urban fantasy.


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