15 December 2008

Poll: How many hours a week do you spend reading for pleasure?

This week I am running a poll to see how long people spend in an average week on reading for pleasure.
It would be a very rare day that I would not spend at least half an hour, but it varies from day to day, with much longer times on the weekend. The need to read seems to be part of my sense of well being.

Various bloggers throughout the year have asked "why do you read fiction?"
There is no correct answer!
Here are some of the suggestions:
  • it helps you understand problems.
  • it challenges your thinking or gives you new ideas to think about.
  • you can escape the problems in your life.
  • you enjoy the puzzles.
  • you get caught up in the plot of a good book.
  • you enjoy meeting new characters and being part of their world for a while.
  • at the end of the day reading becomes a form of relaxation.
Perhaps you'd like to comment about why you read fiction. The list above doesn't cover everything.
And while you are here on my blog, look for the poll in the right hand column.
Work out how long you spent reading novels last week and how long, on average, you spend on reading for pleasure.

Your choices: >15 hours, 10-15 hours, 5-9 hours, <5 hours.


Anonymous said...

I read for all of the above reasons at some time or other but mostly it relaxes me to meet other characters and visit other times/places different from my own. As with you it's rare for me not to read at all during a day, even if I only have 15 minutes before bed. Although I do watch TV and movies I don't get the same sense of enjoyment and fulfilment from doing that as I do from reading. I can easily go for a week without turning the TV on (I get my news elsewhere these days) but I am a very cranky girl if I go that long without reading - preferably some good fiction.

Louise said...

I also read for all the above reasons, but it depends on mood, time, etc. I try to read every day. If I read before sleeping I never manage more than a couple of pages before I get sleepy. But if I get out of bed and sit on my couch I can read for hours during the night. I try not to do that too much. On the occasions I have done it, the next day is always he££ to get through because I haven't gotten enough sleep ;-)


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