14 September 2010

BBAW Interview Swap - BermudaOnion

BermudaOnion & Milou
I've seen BermudaOnion's name on many of the blogger places I visit, even occasionally wandered into her blog, but never had the chance to talk to her before.

The first thing you notice on her blog, when you look at the comments, and the ClustrMap she has on display, is how immensely popular her posts are.
I've discovered she also has an enormous following on Twitter.

Sometimes her reading tastes and mine coincide, when she reads crime fiction/mystery, but she appears to read a lot more widely than I do.

Here are the questions I asked her

How would you describe your tastes in reading?
I like a variety of genres, so I'm not really sure how to describe my taste.  I think I tend to read women's fiction, memoirs, chick lit and literary fiction the most, but I might find that I'm totally wrong if I took the time to evaluate my reading list.  I do know that I mostly read fiction, but don't object to the occasional non-fiction book thrown in there.

Why do you blog?
Before I started my blog, I read a few personal blogs from time to time.  When I would look at them, I would always think, "I can do that."  My son was home for summer break and he encouraged me to take the plunge.  At the time, I knew I would write posts about books, since I love to read, but I had no idea my whole blog would go in that direction.  I didn't even know book blogs existed and that people were actually interested in reading them.  Once I discovered book blogs and the book blogging community, I was hooked.  I think I continue to blog because I love the people I've met - virtually and in real life - through my blog.  It has been such a joy to get to know people - bloggers, authors, and publicists - with such a passion for books.  I've finally found people who are like me!

Does your blog have regular features?
I host the meme, Wondrous Words Wednesday and generally participate in one other meme, Mailbox Monday.  I also try to link to the Weekend Cooking and Kid Konnection features as often as possible.  For the Literary Road Trip, I represent my adopted home state of South Carolina.  I host the Reagan Arthur Books Challenge, along with Booking Mama, but we've set up a separate blog for that.

What determines what you read?
Sometimes obligation - an upcoming book tour, book club meeting or author interview - will make the decision for me, otherwise, I just go with whatever book is calling my name the loudest.  I wish I had a better organized system for my TBR pile, but I don't.

Where are best places to go to meet up with people who read the same genres as you do?
My first thought was Book Expo America.  This year I was lucky enough to share a room with Julie of Booking Mama and our taste in books are remarkably similar.  Since BEA is only once a year, though, I'm going to say Twitter - I think it's a great place to find kindred souls when it comes to reading books.

Many thanks BermudaOnion!


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks so much for this interview. I've read BermudaOnion's posts and comments, too, and it's so nice to hear a bit more about her.

BermudaOnion - I know exactly how you feel about why you blog. That's one of the big reasons I blog, too; I've met some wonderful people, and I really do benefit from what I learn.

Marg said...

It's funny you know. I have known about the Bermudaonion blog for ages, and I am pretty sure I follow Kathy on Twitter, but for some reason I didn't have it added to my Googlereader. I have rectified that now!

Thanks for the interview. I will be sure to check out your interview as well Kerrie!

bermudaonion said...

It was so much fun doing the interview swap with you Kerrie! My interview of you will go up at 5 AM Eastern Time. I appreciate the comments from Margot and Marg!

Anonymous said...

How very nice is this! Two of my favorite bloggers interview each other. I love to see what both of you have been up to and you are right, you guys do seem to read from different parts of the reading spectrum.

Nice interview, Kerrie! Nice to hear your answers, Kathy! I'll be over to read your side of the interview in the morning. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have the same organisational problems with my TBR pile too! I've come across BermudaOnion's name several times but haven't properly visited her blog until a few weeks ago. So it's great to read this interview.

Beth F said...

Kathy is one of daily blogging and twitter buddies, and she is as wonderful in real life as she appears online. Twitter is a great place to connect with readers.

Julie P. said...

Kathy is truly one of the Queens of the Book Blogging Community! Everyone loves her and respects her reviews! Great interview.

Jeanne said...

Kathy is one of the few bloggers I read regularly who write short reviews--I generally prefer longer ones, but she's good at being concise!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Isn't Kathy amazing? I think she's the ultimate blogger. :)

gautami tripathy said...

Kathy is very popular! And so are you!

Here is my BBAW: Interview post!

Jenners said...

For me, Kathy is the Uber Commenter -- no matter where I visit, she seems to have been there first! And she is almost always the first person to comment on my own posts.

She is so prolific and reliable as a blogger too. You can always find something to read at her blog ... and she is very loyal to her memes. I really don't know how she does it! Perhaps she has mastered cloning? : )

Ryan said...

Lovely interview. I'm been following Kathy's blog for a while now and enjoy her posts everytime I go over there.

Tribute Books said...

Bermudaonion - you are the queen of book blogging! Glad to read at interview with you.

Suko said...

Kathy is one of my favorite book bloggers and it was fun to read your interview with her. She is down-to-earth and writes in a concise and clear manner. I enjoy her Wednesday meme and have learned many words in this manner. :)

Valerie said...

Kathy is one of the earliest book blogs I discovered! I enjoyed reading your interview about her; and discovering your blog through BBAW.

Alyce said...

I loved hearing how Kathy began book blogging. I had a similar experience of starting out blogging about personal things and then migrating to books.

Unknown said...

Hi Kerrie! This i a great interview of Kathy and I also enjoyed your interview on her blog. I have been reading Kathy's blog for most of the short time I have been blogging. She is a terrific blogger and the nicest woman. I enjoy her reviews and posts quite a bit. I am looking forward to your reviews an posts on crime fiction books, a genre I like a lot!

It's very nice to "meet" you!
~ Amy

Anonymous said...

Kathy is a longtime favorite of mine. Great interview :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

Kathy is one of the most positive book bloggers I've ever met! She's so encouraging and I always look forward to her comments.

Serena said...

Kathy's such a dear and I love her blog. I wish I had enough time to keep up with her. She's someone I would love to emulate.


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