24 September 2010

Voices from the Past - Breaking News that was

It struck me yesterday that because I usually limit my Breaking News block on the right to 10 items, there is a lot of stuff sitting in there that is now hidden, and nobody, or a search engine, will never find an item that is in there ever again.
They go right back to mid 2008 as far as I can work out, and there is even a possibility that some of them have disappeared or been eaten by cyber slugs, but I am not checking!
The headings make quite interesting reading in their own right if you've a mind to do it.
There are over 600 of them.

So today I am exposing the lot here in this post.
It makes for a very long post, but at least it can stop preying on my mind!


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for this. There really are are several of these items that I missed. It'll be nice to go back through them....

BooksPlease said...

Good heavens! That is impressive.


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