27 September 2010

Agatha Christie Blog Tour 2010 - Day 27

Our host today is The Thrill of it All

Chris Well is the author of  Nursing a Grudge (Barbour) What's a grouchy old man to do when two women drag him from his assisted-living apartment to a clandestine chili party? He almost has fun -- until someone drops dead. But Earl Walker is the only one suspicious of the way the partygoer met his demise. Can he solve the puzzle -- and figure out his relationship with his new lady friend -- before the state shuts down the home and all the suspects move away? READ THE FIRST CHAPTER FREE!

Earlier in the year Chris provided his readers with a complete list of mysteries starring senior sleuth Miss Jane Marple.

Chris lists the following as his "best" posts:
So pop over to The Thrill of it All  today and check out what he has in store for us.

I've noticed too that Books to the Ceiling also has a post about the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge today. Roberta has discovered some lovely original covers for Agatha Christie novels.

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