23 September 2010

Agatha Christie Blog Tour 2010 - Day 23

We have two stops on the blog tour today
2010: The Year in Books - Nancy
Birdie's Nest - Birdie

In her post on Agatha Christie's birthday Nancy said "she's given me so many hours of absolute enjoyment for many, many years and continues to do so."
Nancye has recently reviewed The Third GirlA Caribbean MysteryThe Secret of Chimneys (and she asks how Jane Marple got into the recent TV version),  and more.

For her stop on the blog tour at 2010: The Year in Books Nancy considers the wickedness to be found in St. Mary Mead. ooh!!!

Birdie has recently joined the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge and says that she is very glad to have found a challenge that justifies her consumption of Agatha Christie novels this year. She calls it "My reason for Madness".
Check out what she has read so far.
Birdie has a lovely post titled St. Mary Mead, Murder Capital of England,
Birdie is, in her own words, an Anglophile, reader, grad student in British Literature, Alan Rickman freak, Brit panel show enthusiast, slasher, slacker.
Check Birdie's Nest out today.

Do come back tomorrow for the next stop on the Agatha Christie Blog Tour.

1 comment:

Birdie said...

Thank you so much for a lovely introduction--I hope my post can live up to it.
I'm so glad to be part of the Challenge and the Tour!11


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