20 September 2010


I've meant to write about this site for a couple of weeks now, ever since Bernadette at Reactions to Reading pointed it out on her blog.

Audio Jukebox is the creation of  Audiobook DJ and Beth Fish. Basically what they have created is a directory where bloggers submit the URLs of audio book reviews on their blogs. These are then indexed into a range of categories, pointing back to the review on the specific blog.

It is a terrific idea, but I hope it is sustainable. So far in September I can see over 450 reviews have been submitted.

From "About"
Audiobook Jukebox is a place for all audiobook enthusiasts to share links to their audiobook reviews. At the beginning of each month we post a Mr. Linky so you can submit links to your audiobook reviews. We will add your links to the author, title, narrator, and genre indexes on this blog. When a single title is reviewed by more than one blogger, we list the links in alphabetical order by blog title.

Each blogger may submit as many links as he or she would like. The list of contributing bloggers can be found in the sidebar.

This blog is not associated with an industry publication or publisher.


bermudaonion said...

I love this site and submitted quite a few links. I think they've done a fantastic job with the site.

Bernadette said...

I had a bit of an email conversation with one of the people behind the site (Audiobook DJ's husband actually) and he indicated they are prepared for a huge database. I imagine in these early days the number of posts per month is high because people are submitting all of their old links and in a little while it will settle down into a steady stream. There really aren't that many people doing audio book reviews after all. I think it's a great resource though, it's becomeing one of my favourite RSS feeds and I've added quite a few titles to my audio book wishlist - some are even not crime fiction (!!!!)


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