20 September 2010

Agatha Christie Blog Tour 2010 - Day 20

Our host today is New Zealand author Vanda Symon who blogs at Overkill

Vanda now has 3 published novels
Vanda lives in Dunedin and when she is not writing Crime novels she's busy being a Domestic Goddess and queen of her household..
The first in my Sam Shephard detective series, Overkill, was published by Penguin New Zealand in 2007. The Ringmaster was released in August 2008, and Containment in December 2009. The German translation of Overkill, Ein Harmloser Mord was published by Blanvalet in October 2008.

Vanda's true passion is the writings of Ngaio Marsh, but I suspect Agatha Christie comes a close second.
Vanda is a very busy lady as you'll see when you visit Overkill.
Earlier this month she was putting the finishing touches on her post grad thesis, posted off the manuscript for her fourth Sam Shephard novel. She can often be found interviewing authors and reviewing books on local New Zealand radio.

In July Vanda reviewed Black Coffee, an Agatha Christie play that had been "novelised".
Today Vanda talks about what she learnt at dinner from fellow crime fiction novelist Val McDermid.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks, as always, for helping us all keep track of these excellent blogs! I thoroughly enjoyed Vanda's post.


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