1 September 2010

Excuse me if I am pre-occupied this month

This month, on September 15, Agatha Christie would have been 120 years old.

So this month the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival is hosting a blog tour. You will find the schedule for the tour on the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge site.

What contains 4,032 pages, resting on a spine over a foot thick?

In all, 43 murders are solved: 12 poisonings; six strangulations; two drownings; two stabbings; a burning; one blow to the head; one death by an arrow and two people pushed.

There are 68 crimes committed; 11 philandering lovers; 68 secrets and lies; 22 false accusations; 59 red-herrings and 21 romances. A total of 143 cups of tea are drunk in the massive volume, there are 66 maids and 47 garments are knitted.

Weighing 8.02 kg (17 lb 10 oz), it is presented in a suede-lined wooden box with brass fittings and a leather handle.

It is of course the world's thickest book, THE COMPLETE MISS MARPLE.
The massive volume, a collection of the 12 novels and 20 short stories by Agatha Christie was revealed to the public in May 2009, setting a record recognised by the Guiness Book of Records.

Don't forget to check out the second stop on the blog tour tomorrow! Check the schedule on the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge site for the stop, or come back here tomorrow for directions.

Check the official Agatha Christie site for other celebratory events.
And just in case you are in England: check the Festival programme.

The other event that is happening later this month is BBAW 2010.
I'll be participating in that too, so life will be busy!

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for this post. I didn't realize just how much tea was drunk and garments knitted while Miss Marple was solving crimes. Wow! A Guinness entry..


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