24 September 2010

Agatha Christie Blog Tour 2010 - Day 24

Today on the blog tour we are with Beth at  Endless Books

Beth is attempting to read Agatha Christie's books from the 1920s in order of publication. Here is her progress report.
Beth says
Agatha Christie, the great mystery novelist, has long been one of my favorite writers. I discovered her when I was about fifteen...  I'm a sucker for publication order. There's something about it that satisfies all my inner "J" (that's the "J" that comes at the end of the Myers-Briggs personality type test) the same J'ness that loved doing shelf-reads when I worked in a library. I love seeing the order of things. In the case of an author's work, I love seeing the order in which they wrote their books, especially if they wrote a lot of them. That doesn't mean I will always go back and read their books in a certain order, or that I won't have favorites I return to disproportionately, but it's such fun to note the development of characters, themes, images and ideas when you read an author from start to finish.

Beth has celebrated the characters Tommy and Tuppence in a very engaging way. So do visit  Endless Books today.

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kathy d. said...

Help! I'm drowning in day 2,778 of the Agatha Christie birthday anniversary. Enough Marples and Poirots and all.

Can't we return to a normal blog yet?

Everywhere I go in Cyberspace except Petrona, Detectives Beyond Borders and Jen's book blog, I am deluged.

Kerrie said...

Hang in there Kathy, less than a week to go! :-)

Beth said...

Kerrie, thanks for the nice welcome post! And for linking to my 1920s progress report. I actually need to add an link to my review of The Man in the Brown Suit...I'll try to do that sometime today. :)


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