6 September 2010

Setting the Stage for Murder in New Zealand - Ngaio Marsh Award - My Verdict

Well, my opinion is that the verdict in the Ngaio Marsh Award is going to be a very near thing with two authors really neck and neck.

The winner will be announced on Friday 10 September at the Christchurch Writers Festival.

I'm sure Crime Watch will tell us the results next Saturday sometime.

Crimewatch blogger Craig Sisterson has blogged about the possible impact on the Christchurch Writers' Festival scheduled to happen this weekend.

Postscript:  CrimeWatch has relayed that the Christchurch Writers' Festival has been cancelled - the city is suffering from aftershocks and more are expected; power, water and sewerage still to be restored. The airport was closed for a while, and a state of emergency announced.

A announcement will be made later about when the inaugural Ngaio Marsh award will be announced.

See my damage post

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