16 September 2010

Forgotten Book, A.E. Martin, SINNERS NEVER DIE

This week's contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books is a book that I read only 17 years ago.
It has a wonderful cover doesn't it?
You can read a bit of the book either at Amazon or all of it on Google Books. Here

The time is the mid 1890s. The setting, a small outback town [in Australia]. Harry Ford, the postmaster, is opening other people's mail. They say nothing happens in small towns, but there's plenty to set tongues wagging in this neighbourhood of sinners; adultery, blackmail, disappearances, poisonings. And then the Great Boldini comes to town.

SINNERS NEVER DIE was republished as a Wakefield Press Crime Classic.

I've mentioned them before with reference to Forgotten Book: DEATH IN DREAMTIME, SH Courtier

Review: THE UNQUIET NIGHT, Patricia Carlon

Adelaide's Wakefield Press has printed a series called Wakefield Crime Classics which reprinted the work of authors such Patricia Carlon (The Whispering Wall), A.E. Martin, and Charlotte Jay.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, thanks for this! I admit, I'm not familiar with Martin's work, although I'd heard of it. Time for me to repair that gap!!

George said...

What a great cover! It reminds me of the cover on the new edition of Leo Bruce's CASE WITH FOUR CLOWNS.


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