1 September 2010

What I read in August 2010

An excellent month  in which I remedied a couple of deficits I noticed in July.

I read 10 books, including one on the Kindle, a couple of Australian authors (***), an Agatha Christie, a couple of New Zealand (NZ) authors, and a couple of audio books.

You will see from my ratings that all ranked fairly highly.

My pick of the month had to be GUNSHOT ROAD by Adrian Hyland.
  1. 5.0, GUNSHOT ROAD, Adrian Hyland (29 Aug)***
  2. 4.8, THE WOODCUTTER, Reginald Hill (26 Aug)
  3. 4.4, THE PILGRIM OF HATE, Ellis Peters - audio (19 Aug)
  4. 4.5, ON EDGE, Barbara Fister (15 Aug) - kindle
  5. 4.6, THE A B C MURDERS, Agatha Christie (13 Aug)
  6. 4.5, THE MESSENGER, Daniel Silva - audio (11 Aug)
  7. 4.6, THE CROSSING PLACES, Elly Griffiths (10 Aug)
  8. 4.8, BURIAL, Neil Cross (7 Aug)- NZ
  9. 4.6, ACCESS ROAD, Maurice Gee (6 Aug)- NZ
  10. 4.6, THE OLD SCHOOL, P.M. Newton (4 Aug)***
I'm staggered at how many 5 star books I've read this year, and I'm so pleased there are 3 Australian titles (***) amongst them. And just check how many translated books there are (T)
5.0, BLEED FOR ME, Michael Robotham  ***
5.0, SKELETON HILL, Peter Lovesey
5.0, TRUTH, Peter Temple ***
5.0, GUNSHOT ROAD, Adrian Hyland  ***
5.0, THE FIFTH WOMAN, Henning Mankell  T
5.0, DEVIL'S PEAK, Deon Meyer T
5.0, A CARRION DEATH, Michael Stanley
5.0, THE SNOWMAN, Jo Nesbo T
5.0, HYPOTHERMIA, Arnaldur Indridason   T
5.0, THE MAN FROM BEIJING, Henning Mankell  T
5.0, THE BRASS VERDICT, Michael Connelly
5.0, THE DARKEST ROOM, Johan Theorin  T


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You have had a very, very good month! I'm glad so many of them were such fine novels.

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Kerrie I've read 5 of your 5 stars, have another 5 on my tbr pile and will add today another 2 to my list. Seems to me you will have a hard time choosing your top ten reads this year.

Kerrie said...

I'm trying to sort of put the 5.0 rating ones in some sort of order Jose Ignacio, adding in any new ones in "order", but I may just have to cheat with my top 10 :-)


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