26 September 2010

Agatha Christie Blog Tour 2010 - Day 26

Our guest blogger today is Roberta at Books to the Ceiling

Roberta's post is titled: “An ingenious and amusing conceit!” – The Labors of Hercules, by Agatha Christie
When you read the post, you will understand why Roberta also says it was a "labour of  love".

Not only has she reviewed each of the stories in the book, but she has given us links to each of the original labours of Hercules, and images for each.

At the end of her post she comments
These stories work beautifully as cunning little puzzles and masterpieces of misdirection, but in a larger sense, they recreate an entire world. We are back in the early years of the twentieth century. England retains a certain smugness regarding its perceived superior status in the world. The aristocracy still holds sway, but the nouveau riche are fast encroaching on their territory. The revolution in psychiatry and the introduction of psychoanalysis, so revolutionary at the beginning of the century,  still have considerable influence on the way human nature is perceived.

I am very definitely inspired to tackle THE LABOURS OF HERCULES soon - I've bought a copy for my Kindle - and I'll be consulting Roberta's post for guidance.

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