23 September 2008

ACRC: #1 - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

So here I am setting out on my journey in the self-created Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.
I feel quite excited, almost as you do when you set out on a real journey.

Written in 1920, this is the first of Agatha Christie's novels and the beginning of the Hercule Poirot series.

I got this one from the library, and it is in hardback, reprinted by Harper Collins in 1997.
Not all the books on the list will be as easy as this to get.
The inside flyleaf lists the 80 books in the "collection", so maybe I'll photocopy that to cross check with the Wikipedia list.

It has 13 chapters, and is only 204 pages long!

Let me know if you are going to join me in reading at least this first book.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kerrie,

I wish you best of luck to complete your reading journey.

I think you know that most Christies' books are around 200-250pages.Small matter for you to finish one book in one sitting because you have had vast experiences in reading the books with more than 500pages.The best record was Elizabeth George's new book with 800+ pages!!!Phew:)

Kerrie said...

Should the EG actually be 2 books, anonymous?
More importantly, does it get anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie, I'd been thinking about a gradual re-read of Christie and have decided to follow your lead. The Mysterious Affair at Styles here I come.

Kerrie said...

Welcome Sarah. Let me know how you go.

Jennifer said...

Taking your advise and reading Styles again. I'm taking it with me on vacation.


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