6 September 2008

Voting Open at BBAW

Voting is now open for the awards for Book Blogger Appreciation Week.
Unfortunately my blog didn't make it to this stage, but Detectives Beyond Borders did, so pop over to BBAW and register your vote.

Weekly Geeks has been nominated for Best Community Builder and The Hidden Side of the Leaf for best Challenge Host. Both of these blogs are written by Dewey, so that is a really good effort.

Historical Tapestry (friend Marg is associated with this one) has been nominated for Best History/Historical Fiction Blog.

Caribou's Mom, one of the blogs I watch, is in the list for Best Literary Fiction Blog.

Well done to all nominees.


Anonymous said...

Not by me! Hidden Side of a Leaf and Weekly Geeks are both by Dewey...whose last name I don' t know, I fear.

Kerrie said...

Sorry Debra

For some reason I thought you were Dewey too. I'll correct my blog posting


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