29 September 2008


Audio book, 6 hours on 5 CDs, unabridged by BOOKS ON TAPE, read by Donada Peters.

Fellworth Dolphin has reached his mid thirties without realising that his family has a skeleton in its closet. All he knows is that his parents were very miserly, showed little affection for him, and he had a miserable childhood. When his mother suddenly dies Fell is shocked to learn the size of his inheritance. Since his father died some years before Fell has supported his mother working as a waiter in a local hotel. There he has made friends with Maggie, a plain girl a bit younger than himself. When Fell discovers a large cache of money in new notes in a tin in his mother's wardrobe, he and Maggie team up to try to find out where the money could possibly have come from. Both Maggie and Fell give up their jobs in the hotel and Maggie moves into the spare bedroom in Fell's house.

This story is wonderfully read by Donada Peters. It is a real cozy, perhaps even a bit of a spoof on the murder mystery genre. Maggie and Fell become amateur sleuths and in turn stir up a hornet's nest amongst those who had been his father's acquaintances. Here are two very ordinary people who unearth secrets that have lain hidden for nearly 30 years.

I found it an enjoyable accompaniment to my journeys to and from work.
My rating 4.0

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