14 September 2008

Sunday Salon #25 - 14 September 2008

I spent some time in a plane this week, so got a little more reading done.
The downside has been the head/chest cold I've been fighting off.

My posts:
  • Review: WHERE ARE YOU NOW? Mary Higgins Clark
    One of those books that almost tells you everything on the blurb. A solid but not very challenging read.
  • Review: DEAD MAN'S FOOTSTEPS, Peter James
    #4 in the Roy Grace series. I've read them all and this posting has the review of the latest and also mini-reviews of the earlier ones. If you've never read any, then here is a British police procedural series to get your teeth into.
  • Write an opening line/paragraph
    A bit of fun for you to try. Write the opening paragraph or opening line for the picture supplied.
  • Forgotten Books: DON'T LOOK NOW - Daphne du Maurier
    Another of those authors who shaped my tastes in reading.
  • Given the date, 9/11
    Ever thought about the impact of 9/11 on fiction? What books have you read that mention 9/11, 2001?
  • Sharing the Passion
    This posting contains embedded links to some Miss Marple snippets on YouTube. There was no way Margaret Rutherford ever resembled Agatha Christie's description of Miss Marple, but she was a hoot. There is also a clip from The Body in the Library with Joan Hickson, and from Nemesis with Geraldine McEwen. Also an interview with Joan Hickson on the occasion of Agatha Christie's 100th birthday.
Book Blogger Appreciation Week. (Sept 15-19)
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Anonymous said...

Du Mairier shaped my reading too. Great books you read/reviewed this week.

Thanks for youronern. I am fine. Althouh wwe have 30 dead. The figure is rising...

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