17 September 2008

CORDUROY MANSIONS, get your daily fix

Alexander McCall Smith is writing his first ever online novel Corduroy Mansions exclusively for Telegraph.co.uk. A new chapter will appear on The Telegraph each weekday for the next 20 weeks. The best-selling author welcomes your suggestions as the story unfolds.

You have options: read it online with your own eyes, as it were; listen to it being read by Andrew Sachs ( from Fawlty Towers); get it sent to you every day by email, get it via RSS. What a choice.

Today chapter 3 has been published so it is not too late to start.

Get started with Chapter 1 In the Bathroom (text version) here. or listen to it.
Spend some time meeting the characters.

The home page is here. Choose your options and get started. I'm adding it to my blog roll.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Kerrie. i've subscribed to the podcast.


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