21 September 2008

Sunday Salon #26 - 21 September 2008

Hello fellow Sunday Saloners. I hope you've had a good reading week - I have.
Spring has sprung down here in Oz and the weather is best at this time of the year. The wattle is out and the tree in my front garden is glorious with golden blossom.

My posts this week:
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Currently Reading
  • now - COLD IN HAND, John Harvey
  • then - THE YIDDISH POLICEMAN'S UNION, Michael Chabon
  • audio book - THE SKELETON IN THE CLOSET, M.C. Beaton


gautami tripathy said...

You read a few good books in here. And I am gonna take that poll!

As I wrote on my blog in reply to your comment, I reproduce it here too.

Kerrie, you should have blogged about what you felt was not right in BBAW. How else do we get our words across? And frankly, why go for meaningless awards? Do we need a chatty blogger category? What has it got to do with reading or book blogs? I was terribly put off by it.

I did vote for a few blogs but only in the right categories. After one day, I quit the circuit. It was more on soliciting traffic than anything else. Leave me out of it!

Kerrie said...

Gautami I was staggered at the effort that Amy and others had put into the event but was not all that happy with the outcome as I said. I'm not sure what I should have done to be notified of the activities to paticipate in, but only actually worked out what was happening through postings I saw on the blogs of others.
There was actually very little time to vote for blogs too. I missed seeing the opening of voting and only realised it was in 2 days before the close of voting.
Oh well!
I take your point too about giveaways that were mainly North America based. I gues you and I are very conscious of those when we are not in the US. Many have no comprehension of the cost of sending books from our countries overseas.

Anonymous said...

So that's what a wattle looks like. When I was at school we had to learn a song about the wattle which began 'The bush was grey a week today..' I've often wondered what on earth we were singing about. Thank you.

Kerrie said...

Hello Table talk
Thanks for dropping by. There are many (hundreds??) of varieties of wattle and at this time of the year everywhere you see this characteristic golden colour. The flowers are clusters of yellow like golden puffs. September 1 is Wattle Day. The wattle is why Australia's national colours are green and gold, and the wattle is our national flower.


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