16 September 2008

Carnival of Criminal Minds, No. 22

Crime fiction bloggers unite!

Declan Burke is hosting the Carnival yet again at his blog, Crime Always Pays.
Declan says we need to talk about "where crime fiction itself is going, and what blogs and sites can do to help it get there."
He calls for crime fiction bloggers to write "quality reviews" that go further than just saying "I liked this book."

So what should we be doing in our blog-reviews?
  • blog regularly
  • help in generating argument and discussion about the books we review
  • tackle the hard subjects - e.g. don't just review books that you like, or leave unpopular things unsaid about the books
I guess it all comes down to the purpose of your blog.
I enjoy the fact that my blog is making me part of a blogging community, putting me in touch with people whom I may never meet face to face, alerting me to new books to read, and to opinions about the books I have already read.

BTW Don't forget this week is BBAW - Book Blogger Appreciation Week.
Do those whose blogs you read, know that you "follow" them? Leave a comment!

Thanks to Just a (Reading) Fool who mentioned me in dispatches today.

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