2 June 2014

What I read in May 2014

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month 2014
Lots of very satisfying reading this month, a couple of Australian authors (A) and some new to me authors (*)
  1. 4.5, BURIAL OF GHOSTS, Ann Cleeves
  2. 2.0, PASSENGER TO FRANKFURT, Agatha Christie
  3. 4.5, THE AMBER FURY, Natalie Haynes *
  4. 4.5, SILENT KILL, Peter Corris A
  5. 4.6, DEATH IN A STRANGE COUNTRY, Donna Leon
  6. 4.5, GIDEON'S MONTH, J.J. Marric
  7. 4.5, REDEMPTION, Jussi Adler-Olsen - translated 
  8. 3.6, THE ALAMUT AMBUSH, Anthony Price
  9. 4.9, ST KILDA BLUES - Geoffrey McGeachin
  10. 4.8, PRESENT DARKNESS, Malla Nunn
  11. 4.4, THE SILVERSMITH'S WIFE, Sophia Tobin *
  12. 4.5, THE DOCTOR OF THESSALY, Anne Zouroudi
My pick of the month is ST KILDA BLUES by Geoffrey McGeachin

Synopsis (Publisher)

Melbourne's first serial killer is at work and only one man can stop him.

It's 1967, the summer of love, and in swinging Melbourne Detective Sergeant Charlie Berlin has been hauled out of exile in the Fraud Squad to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl, the daughter of a powerful and politically connected property developer. As Berlin's inquiries uncover more missing girls he gets an uneasy feeling he may be dealing with the city's first serial killer.

Berlin's investigation leads him through inner-city discothèques, hip photographic studios, the emerging drug culture and into the seedy back streets of St Kilda. The investigation also brings up ghosts of Berlin's past, disturbing memories of the casual murder of a young woman he witnessed in dying days of WW11.

As in war, some victories come at a terrible cost and Berlin will have to face an awful truth and endure an unimaginable loss before his investigation is over.

ST KILDA BLUES is the third novel in the Charlie Berlin series. Both previous novels, THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL and BLACKWATTLE CREEK, won the Ned Kelly Award for Best Fiction in 2011 and 2013 respectively

See what I thought of it.

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gautami tripathy said...

I always find interesting books on your blog! That enhances my reading pleasure!


Here is my Crime Fiction Pick of May 2014.


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