17 July 2014

In which I claim Bingo in the Golden Vintage Mystery Challenge 2014

I'm pleased to have completed my first bingo line on the 2014 Mystery Bingo Score Card hosted by Bev at My Reader's Block.
I am keeping my full records here.

I have no doubt I will be able to add a few more spots to the bingo card by the end of 2014.

My observations so far:
  • I have read a number of authors for the first time
  • I don't feel that I have enjoyed these books as much as I do modern crime fiction. I certainly haven't given them as high a rating.
  • While they are generally  not as long as a recently published novel, many of the plots have been quite complex and make liberal uses of devices like red herrings.
Golden Vintage - books written before 1960

6 books to be read - but need to be lined up for Bingo
  1. THE LATE MONSIEUR GALLET, Georges Simenon, published 1931 - one translated work
  2. THE NURSING HOME MURDER, Ngaio Marsh, published 1937 - One Medical Mystery
  3. MURDER IN THE MEWS, Agatha Christie, published 1937 - a short story collection
  4. DEATH OF A SWAGMAN, Arthur Upfield, published 1945 -  a man in the title
  5. THE INSPECTOR BARLACH MYSTERIES, Friedrich Durrenmatt, published 1950/1 - with a professional detective
  6. 4.5, GIDEON'S MONTH, J.J. Marric published 1958 - with a Time, Day, Month etc in the title
  7. 4.1, GREY MASK, Patricia Wentworth - published 1928 - with a Color in the title
  8. 4.0, DEATH-WATCH, John Dickson-Carr - published 1935 - by an Author You've never read before
  9. 3.9, THE CIRCULAR STAIRCASE, Mary Roberts Rinehart - published 1907 - a book set in the U.S.
  10. 3.7, THE FOOTPRINTS ON THE CEILING, Clayton Rawson - published 1939 - a locked room mystery


Katy McCoy said...

Good for you! I just couldn't bring myself to do this challenge. I loved the books at the time but they just don't interest me now. I hope when the originator does the boxes the next time, they leave room in the box to write in the book. I didn't like having to keep a separate list.

Bernadette said...

Well done Kerrie and glad I could point you in the direction of a locked-room mystery to help you along :)

Bev Hankins said...

Yay, Kerrie! Congrats on the first Bingo.

Bev Hankins said...

And...Ooooh! I have the Clayton Rawlings book. I believe you've just given me my "Read by Another Challenger Book"!!


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