2 July 2014

What I read in June 2014

I seem to have been reading a little more slowly this month. Nevertheless I have found a new translated author, caught up with some Vintage reads (V), and a couple of new-to-me authors (N).
  1. 4.3, GIDEON'S RIDE, J.J. Marric writing as John Creasey - Vintage crime fiction
  2. 4.7, I WILL HAVE VENGEANCE, Maurizio de Giovanni - translated(N)
  3. 4.8, CINDERELLA GIRL, Carin Gerhardsen   - translated (N)
  4. 4.1, GREY MASK, Patricia Wentworth - Vintage crime fiction
  5. 4.7, THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE, Carin Gerhardsen - translated
  6. 4.5, EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE, Peter May - kindle, Net Galley
  7. 4.5, APPLE TREE YARD, Louise Doughty - kindle
  8. 4.6, FALLING GLASS, Adrian McKinty  - Australian author, audio book
  9. 4.6, ELEMENTAL, Amanda Curtin - Australian author, not crime fiction
My Pick of the Month is CINDERELLA GIRL by Carin Gerhardsen  but I WILL HAVE VENGEANCE by Maurizio de Giovanni came a close second.

Synopsis (Publisher)

Three-year-old Hanna wakes up to find she has been abandoned.  Her family is gone.  The house is locked.  She is trapped.

Meanwhile, a teenage girl has been found murdered aboard the Cinderella, a cruise ship that sails between Sweden and Finland.

Detective Chief Inspector Conny Sj√∂berg visits the girl's home to deliver the tragic news.  But as he investigates it becomes chillingly clear that the girl's younger sister will meet a similar fate - unless the police can crack the case and trap this elusive and vicious killer.

And all this time, somewhere in Stockholm, a little girl waits to be found and rescued. . .

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