2 July 2014

What I read in June 2014

I seem to have been reading a little more slowly this month. Nevertheless I have found a new translated author, caught up with some Vintage reads (V), and a couple of new-to-me authors (N).
  1. 4.3, GIDEON'S RIDE, J.J. Marric writing as John Creasey - Vintage crime fiction
  2. 4.7, I WILL HAVE VENGEANCE, Maurizio de Giovanni - translated(N)
  3. 4.8, CINDERELLA GIRL, Carin Gerhardsen   - translated (N)
  4. 4.1, GREY MASK, Patricia Wentworth - Vintage crime fiction
  5. 4.7, THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE, Carin Gerhardsen - translated
  6. 4.5, EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE, Peter May - kindle, Net Galley
  7. 4.5, APPLE TREE YARD, Louise Doughty - kindle
  8. 4.6, FALLING GLASS, Adrian McKinty  - Australian author, audio book
  9. 4.6, ELEMENTAL, Amanda Curtin - Australian author, not crime fiction
My Pick of the Month is CINDERELLA GIRL by Carin Gerhardsen  but I WILL HAVE VENGEANCE by Maurizio de Giovanni came a close second.

Synopsis (Publisher)

Three-year-old Hanna wakes up to find she has been abandoned.  Her family is gone.  The house is locked.  She is trapped.

Meanwhile, a teenage girl has been found murdered aboard the Cinderella, a cruise ship that sails between Sweden and Finland.

Detective Chief Inspector Conny Sjöberg visits the girl's home to deliver the tragic news.  But as he investigates it becomes chillingly clear that the girl's younger sister will meet a similar fate - unless the police can crack the case and trap this elusive and vicious killer.

And all this time, somewhere in Stockholm, a little girl waits to be found and rescued. . .

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