26 July 2008

My first Award

Many thanks to Just A (Reading) Fool who made my day by giving me a BRILLANTE WEBLOG PREMIO 2008 award. In giving me the award he said "she brings a worldwide flavor to mysteries and highlights books that those of us here in the States might not have heard about."

Admittedly it is one of those awards that is part meme and rather like a chain letter. But it is a chance to tell a few others that you admire what they do, and also to direct your own readers to blogs that you regularly visit.

Here are the rules:
Once an award is received, the rules are as follows:
  1. Put the logo on your blog - I have included it in this posting, but also put in in the side bar
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded you - that is here in this blog, and also in the block called 60 Blogs I'm watching.
  3. Nominate at least seven other blogs (see below).
  4. Add links to those blogs on your blog. - they are already in my list of 60 Blogs.
  5. Leave a message for your nominee on his or her blog (I'm off to do that now).
Here are the 7 book reading blogs I'm nominating

Petrona- Maxine is just an admirable blogger. She reviews crime fiction both on her blog(s) but also for Euro Crime, and also writes about other items of interest. She has also been a great source of encouragement to me. She recently introduced a heap of us to Friend Feed
She created Crime and Mystery fiction FriendFeed group and then this morning I discovered she also has OWL FriendFeed group. I don't know where she finds the time or the energy!

Detectives Beyond Borders - Peter is another who has been a great source of encouragement. He has a very cosmopolitan taste in crime fiction, and is a constant source of a new direction for my reading. He is responsible for many of the new-to-me authors like van de Wetering, Glauser, Vargas and the like.

Do You Write Under Your own Name? - Martin's is one of the calmest feeling blogs that I read, but always informative. He is also a talented writer and recently won an award for one of his short stories, "The Bookbinder's Apprentice". He hosted Carnival of Criminal Minds #17 and keeps me up to date on Festivals and the like in the UK. One day we will meet.

Musings from a muddy island -Not only does she read crime fiction occasionally, but Juliet takes fabulous photos of the waters around her muddy island.

Reading Adventures - this is Marg in Melbourne, queen of challenges. She reads much more broadly than I do and I am amazed at all the challenges she participates in.

Barbara Fister's Place - Barbara is another who has been a great encouragement to me. She is also the creator of The Carnival of Criminal Minds, a wonderful blogging ring that I have also participated in.

Bloodstained Book Reviews- Canadian Lillian Porter is an avid crime fiction reader and we share a lot of reading DNA. I watch her reviews to see what she thinks of books I haven't yet read. If Lillian doesn't like something, chances are that I won't either.


Anonymous said...

I readily admit too that this is my first time doing this and don't think this will become a regular thing, because it is like a chain letter.

But I thought since it was my first "award," I thought it would be good to pass on the word to others about the great bloggers like yourself that I have discovered since joining the "book blogosphere." And I look forward to checking out those you mentioned and also adding them to my del.icio.us "blogroll" (instead of a traditional blogroll, I'm tagging book blogs I encounter along the way at unfinishedperson on del.icio.us, hopefully a database of sorts that other can explore at their leisure).

Bernadette said...

Congatulations Kerrie

Juliet said...

Kerrie - I'm most honoured, thank you! Especially given that mine is not largely a crime fiction blog nor even (especially these past couple of hectic weeks) about books at all! I promise to do something about both these deficiencies very soon! Maxine's and Martin's blogs are both on my list of essential daily reads and I completely agree with what you say about both. I'm off to check out your other award-winners now and add to my blogroll accordingly. Juliet

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kerrie, for the accolade. I'm blushing, and also pleased you like reading some of my outpourings. I've very much enjoyed reading your blog, too.

It is also very kind of Juliet to say those nice things -- and her blog is so beautiful as well as nice to read.

I won't have time to respond in kind to the award because I'm just off on holiday for a couple of weeks, so just wanted to drop by to thank you.

All the best

Martin Edwards said...

Kerrie, thanks very much; you are most kind. Like Maxine I'm just about to depart on holiday, so no time for a full and adequate response as yet. I did want to say that I share your hope we will meet - are you by any chance going to Bouchercon in Baltimore?

Kerrie said...

"Just a reading fool", I am amazed at the number of blogs you have. The del.icio.us record is a good idea. I haven't been that organised.

Thanks for popping in Bernadette.

You do seem to lead a hectic life Juliet.

I envy you the holidays Maxine & Martin. I hope the weather is good.

Bouchercon is a bit far this year Martin. Will be at Left Coast Crime in Hawaii next March though.

Lillian Porter said...

Thank you for the award. I am in the process of listing the 7 blogs. Thank you again.


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