23 July 2008

Around the world in 80 sleuths

Thanks to Sarah Weinman for pointing to this list on The Independent. 80 books matched to 80 destinations, and 80 sleuths.
Some strange choices (for me) but a lovely list nevertheless. I have tried reading books set in the place where I have travelled to and it is does add an extra dimension to your travels.

Currently there would be huge holes in my itinerary if I tried to match books I've read with destinations, even if I was just travelling in Australia.

I was glad to see mention of Peter Temple and Adrian Hyland on the list though. Perhaps you could help me out with some Australian suggestions for a similar journey.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be interested in checking this out later.

Now I'm not one that usually does this kind of thing, but since it was my first such award, I decided to go ahead...what I'm talking about is here. Participate if you would like, but know I still love your blog either way.


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