19 July 2008

Crime in the City

Many thanks to In Reference to Murder who put me on to this. Over on NPR (National Public Radio) in a series of stories, crime novelists give listeners a tour of the places they and their characters inhabit.
They include
  • Robert B. Parker's Boston,
  • Donna Leon's Venice,
  • John Burdett's Bangkok
  • Laura Lippman's Baltimore.
  • Joe Wambaugh's Los Angeles
  • Chelsea Cain's Portland
  • Julia Smith's New Orleans
  • Sarah Graves' Eastport
  • Michael Connolly's Los Angeles (might be interesting to compare with Wambaugh's view)
A good series to monitor..


Lourdes said...

Wow, and thank you, Kerrie, for putting this up. I hadn't come across it. Ahhh, now makes me want to hop a plane to Venice@

Anonymous said...

That is very cool. I love both Parker and Connelly and would be interested in hearing this; I am not as familiar with the others.

Also I wanted to thank you for your response on my blog earlier today about the memes. Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I thought your response was the best one, especially for the line about the people to whom we send memes as "victims." Unfortunately, I believe it's so true. Off to bookmark that site and hopefully get a chance to listen to it tomorrow.

Kerrie said...

I have only listened to a couple so far, but they are good aren't they?
What I've discovered is that the text interview is a part transcript of the audio. You can also read an extract from their books online. I haven't read them or all, or listened to all the audios, but the ones I have really whetted my appetite for more. Each audio is about 7 minutes. The interview with Donna Leon is an absolute gem.


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