27 July 2008

Books Alive Australia 2008 - books & events

Books Alive is a literacy initiative of the Australian government. There are 50 books, including the 8 crime fiction and thriller whose covers are shown above, listed in the brochures that were distributed Australia wide in the Sunday papers today. The Books Alive 2008 ambassador is Michael Robotham.
Buy a book and get a free copy of a new Michael Robotham mini-book called BOMBPROOF.

In addition there are nearly 200 events listed on the website, Australia wide.
They start Monday 28 July and go through till Sunday 31 August. Look out for Michael Robotham, and also Leah Giarratano, Kathryn Fox, William McInnis, just to name a few.
You can search by State.
Includes lots of places - Michael Robotham is going to Newcastle, Launceston, Palmerston, as well as the usual capital cities.

*** If you see him, tell him Kerrie sent you.

P.S. Michael is a guest on oz_mystery_readers at the beginning of September on Quiz an Author.

In addition you might be interested in the Indigenous Literary Project
There are booklists for all ages, including an adult one, also a Readers' Quest to participate in.


Bernadette said...

Not that I wanted to buy any more books but I felt obligated to support this important government initiative so purcahsed Voodoo Doll and secured my copy of Bombproof and now feel I have been a good citizen :)

Kerrie said...

Excellent Bernadette. I've seen you on 4MA :-)


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