8 July 2008


Unabridged Australia Audio, 5 hours on CD, created by Louis Braille Audio
ISBN 978-0-7320-3347-7

This is a Cliff Hardy novel. Cliff has been stripped off his investigator's licence and now his partner Lily is found dead. Initially Cliff is a suspect, but of course it isn't him. Lily was a journalist and the search for her murderer leads Cliff to tracking down corruption in a variety of places, including the police force. For a while he is not sure who he can trust, and calls in a few favours from friends and former colleagues.

The reader, who goes un-named on the CD cover but is actually Peter Hosking, reads in a laconic Australian accent, and provides an enjoyable experience, after you get used to the fact that he doesn't change his voice much from character to character, unless he is changing between male and female.

I haven't read many Cliff Hardy's, in fact none that I can remember clearly, and I will look out for more.

My rating: 4.3

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