8 July 2008

Three Authors I Couldn't Live Without

A gauntlet thrown down by Karen over at Aust Crime Fiction- she picked it up from David J Montgomery's Crime Fiction Blog
Who are the three authors whose work you would miss the most if they stopped writing?

Karen picked Reginald Hill and I must admit he is near the top of my list too.
But I'll choose 3 others from my list of favourites.

Peter Lovesey would have to be near the top too- I've read him since 1970 when his first, WOBBLE TO DEATH, was published

Michael Robotham although only a young writer, and only 4 books to his credit, is right up there.

And I dread to hear that something has happened to Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine. I know she will soon stop writing, but not just yet please.

If you take up the challenge, come back and tell me where to find your posting


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I just love those authors that write profically with one adventure after another with continuing characters. Have just finished Anne Perry's series set in WW 1, England 1914-1919.


J. Kingston Pierce said...

I love this meme. My own author picks--Peter Lovesey, Peter Robinson, and Robert Crais--are discussed more fully in The Rap Sheet:



Kerrie said...

Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. I'm not so taken with Anne Perry or Robert Crais myself, but I nearly included Peter Robinson on my list too. So hard to choose just 3


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