2 July 2008

Genre Flash - Australian Sisters in Crime

I learnt about Genre Flash today from Crime Down Under and think it is worth a plug here too. I remember seeing a reference to it earlier in the year but glossed over it.

The first issue of Genre Flash appeared on the website of Australian crime fiction author Angela Savage at the end of 2007. According to Damien at Crime Down Under, Genre Flash is the brain child of Australian crime fiction author Lindy Cameron: "a small, simple but elegant pdf catalogue of any genre fiction or related SinC books, that have been published by Sisters in Crime members - or their Australian women writer friends - in the past 2 years."

The idea is to produce a 6 monthly pdf brochure.
The first issue of Genre Flash featured books by Lindy Cameron, Narelle Harris, Robyn Bowles, Alison Goodman, Kerry Greenwood, Liz Filleul, PD Martin, Angela Savage, Felicity Pulman, Hazel Edwards, Kathryn Deans, Sydney Bauer, Wendy Laing, Goldie Alexander, Lucy Sussex, and Vikki Petraitis.

Issue 2 of Genre Flash features PD Martin, Robin Bowles, Sydney Bauer, Jarad Henry, Felicity Young, Lindy Cameron, Alison Goodman, Geoff McGeachin, Kathryn Deans, Felicity Pulman, Narelle Harris, Liz Filleul, Matthew Freeman, Kerry Greenwood, Tony Berry, Goldie Alexander, Chris Womersley, Lenny Bartulin, Hazel Edwards, Wendy Laing, PD Martin, Angela Savage, and Vikki Petraitis. This issue seems to go a little outside the original intent of featuring books by Australian Sisters in Crime.

The footer has a section called STAY TUNED which alerts readers to books to look out for.

There appears to be a quite bit of overlap between issues 1 and 2, but Genre Flash is doing a great service to Australian writers.


Cheryl Tardif said...

Very cool! I'm a Canadian suspense author and also a member of SinC, but I hadn't heard of this site.

All of my novels have elements of crime, from assisted suicide (WHALE SONG), to serial killers (DIVINE INTERVENTION), to deadly conspiracies and murder (THE RIVER), to serial abduction (CHILDREN OF THE FOG, my new, unpublished novel).

My agent is pitching Children of the Fog now so once a deal is made, I'll contact you to see if you're interested in reviewing it. :)

All the best in success!

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Kerrie said...

Good to hear from Cheryl Kaye. I'd certainly like to see your book if you want to send it


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