1 November 2014

What I read in October 1914

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month 2014
Quite a productive reading month with long plane trips between USA and Australia contributing wads of time.
I've now read 120 books for the year and hope to make about 140 by the end of December.

I finished off the Global Reading Challenge for 2014, and also the Aussie Author Challenge for 2014. The latter required me to read some books outside crime fiction - hence the books by Xanthe Mallett (true crime) and Richard Flanagan, the Man Booker prize winner..

All my reading has been done on my Kindle or the Kindle App on my iPad, and you will see that the majority of books have been sourced from NetGalley as review copies, with the result that I have "met" a number of new-to-me-authors.
  1. 4.6, CURTAIN CALL, Anthony Quinn - new to me author, British
  2. 4.5, HAPPINESS IS EASY, Edney Silvestre - new to me author, Global Reading Challenge
  3. 3.7, HOTEL BRASIL, Frei Betto - new to me author, Global Reading Challenge
  4. 3.6, MURDER ON THE SECOND TEE, Ian Simpson - new to me author, British, NetGalley
  5. 4.5, MOTHERS WHO MURDER, Xanthe Mallett - Australian setting, NetGalley
  6. 4.6, SHROUD OF EVIL, Pauline Rowson - NetGalley, British
  7. 4.1, THE CROSSWORD MURDER, Nero Blanc - NetGalley, American
  8. 4.4, AFTER THE SILENCE, Jake Woodhouse - debut title, British, set in Amsterdam
  9. 4.7, THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH - Richard Flanagan - Man Booker Prize winner 
  10. 4.3, A FATAL TIDE, Steve Sailah - Australian, NetGalley 
  11. 4.5, THE TOMB IN TURKEY, Simon Brett -  cozy, NetGalley
  12. 2.5, MOSCOW BOUND, Adrian Churchward - British, NetGalley
My Pick of the Month was SHROUD OF EVIL by Pauline Rowson, the most recent in her Andy Horton series set in Portsmouth.

See what others have listed as their pick of the month.

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I really like the variety here, Kerrie!


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