9 November 2015

Blogging while Travelling

Blogging while you are away from home is not easy.
My blog posts these days are almost totally book reviews with the occasional meme thrown in.

I decided this time not to bring my laptop with me and so my blog posts are created on my iPad.
I use the Blogger App mainly, but my iPad is a few years old and there are a few features of the App that I suspect might be there if  my iPad had a newer operating system.

So what I have done is set up the basic format of each review on my computer at home before I left: book details, cover, synopsis, titles I have read before by this author etc, plus the headings like My Take and Rating. Then I just fill in the details after I have finished reading.

That has worked pretty well although the iPad really only allows one fingered typing.

There are things I can't do like update my summary pages like Latest Additions and Author lists because I can't work out how to cut and paste URLs or images.

So a mountain of maintenance work is building up for me to do after I get home in just over a week's time. I haven't been able to keep my records up on GoodReads, LibraryThing, and NetGalley. Being "behind" in things like that is not a feeling I enjoy.

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