15 January 2018

Getting organised for 2018 - Challenges

It is just a week since I got back from my travels and it has taken me that long to begin to get back to my blog.

My organisation went out of the window in mid December when I went travelling for 3 weeks and so much of my blogging just didn't get done, and lsist for 2017 were not brought up to date.

However there were some reading challenges that I really abandoned during 2017.
In reality my "challenges" are methods of keeping track of my reading, rather than challenging myself to do something different, so I have cut a couple out this year, but really stuck to the ones that I like. Most of them are personal challenges rather than participating in ones that other bloggers are running online.

I have set my target at 110 books for the year and my challenges as
  • 2018 Good Reads Reading Challenge. I have set my challenge at 110. 
  • Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Completed in 2014, titles read in 2018: 0
  • 2018 Global Reading Challenge 
  • USA Fiction Challenge So far 21/51,
  • 2018 Aussie Author Reading Challenge: aiming for 20:
  • 2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge: aiming for 20.
  • British Books Challenge 2018
  • 2018 Ebook Reading Challenge 
  • New to me authors - a personal challenge
  • Not crime fiction - a personal challenge 
  • Nordic reading challenge - a personal challenge,
  • New Zealand reading challenge -again a personal challenge.
  • Translated crime fiction - a personal challenge that will overlap with many of the other reading challenges that I have undertaken
  • Snagged at the Library
  • Audio books: 
  • 2018 Historical Reading Challenge. 
Now to get my book reviews up to date!

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