3 January 2018

Review: MIDNIGHT SUN, Blood on the Snow, BooK 2, Jo Nesbo

My Take:

This is the second in the Blood on The Snow series, stories about Norwegian contract killers.
It is a little longer than the first in the series which I reviewed on this blog a couple of years ago.

Jon Hansen is on a bus heading north, as far away from Oslo as he can get.
A small time drug dealer in desperate need of extra money to save the life of his young daughter with leukaemia, he took a job with The Fisherman as a debt collector and fixer. If he can’t collect the debt then The Fisherman expects him to eliminate the person owing the money. But killing things has never been his strong point and he falls at the first hurdle when the victim offers him money in return for letting him disappear. In addition his finger just won’t pull the trigger.

And so now The Fisherman is after him and he is on the run. He gets as far as Kasund on the Finnmark plateau and gets off the bus in the middle of the night, spending the rest of the night on the floor of the local church. Saying he is there for the hunting season he takes a cottage some distance out of the village and waits to see if The Fisherman catches up with him.

In some ways this is a story of redemption, even a love story. Something a little different, with some humour, but still noir.

My Rating: 4.4

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