23 May 2018

50 Books Read

I'm steaming along quite well this year, and have reached one of those milestones: 50

I keep a full record of categories here
The main ones are
  • 2018 Aussie Author Reading Challenge: aiming for 20: currently 11
  • 2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge: aiming for 20. Currently 6
  • British Books Challenge 2018 currently 24
  • 2018 Ebook Reading Challenge currently 13
  • New to me authors - a personal challenge currently 17
  • Snagged at the Library currently: 24
  • Audio books: currently: 8
Looking at the ratings I've given them, you may well note that they range only from 5.0 to 4.0
To be truthful I've had a few DNFs that I have not recorded, but actually I've finished and rated over  90% of the books that I've started. I think that is because so many of the books that I tackle, I do so as a result of recommendations in book groups and by friends on line. So, in a sense, a certain amount of pre-selection has already taken place.

Here are the books

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