18 February 2021

Review: A STRANGER'S HOUSE, Clare Chase

  • this edition published by Choc Lit Limited 2017
  • ISBN 978-1-781893-47-0
  • 307 pages
  • source: my local library
  • #2 in the London and Cambridge series

Synopsis (author website)

What if you were powerless to protect the person you cared about most?

When Ruby finds out that her partner has done the unforgivable, she has no option but to move out of their home. With nowhere else to go, a job house-sitting in Cambridge seems like the perfect solution.

But it’s soon clear the absent owner hurts everyone he gets close to, and Ruby’s faced with the fallout. As violent repercussions unfold, her instinct is to investigate: it’s a matter of self-preservation. And besides, she’s curious…

But Ruby’s new boss, Nate Bastable, has his eye on her and seems determined to put a stop to her sleuthing. Is he simply worried for the welfare of a member of staff, or is there something altogether more complicated – and potentially dangerous – at play?

My Take

I picked this up expecting it to be similar in tone to the cosy by the same author (MYSTERY ON HIDDEN LANE) that I read a few weeks ago. But there is something a little more noir about this one, a little more mystery to be unpicked, with Ruby facing and solving some serious problems.  

There was an provocative twist in the tail right at the end too.

An interesting story that just kept me reading.

My rating: 4.4

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About the author

Clare Chase is becoming quite a prolific author with 3 separate series on the go.
Accord ing to Fantastic Fiction, Clare Chase writes romantic suspense and women sleuth mysteries, using London and Cambridge as settings. Brought up in the Midlands, she went on to read English at London University, then worked in book and author promotion in venues as diverse as schools, pubs and prisons. More recently she's exercised her creative writing muscles in the world of PR, and also worked for the University of Cambridge. Her current day job is at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Her writing is inspired by what makes people tick, and how strong emotions can occasionally turn everyday incidents into the stuff of crime novels.

When she's not reading or writing, Clare enjoys drawing, cooking and trips to the Lake District. Closer to home, she loves wandering round the pubs, restaurants and galleries of Cambridge, where she lives with her husband and teenage daughters.

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   1. You Think You Know Me (2014)
   2. A Stranger's House (2016)
   3. One Dark Lie (2016)
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   1. Murder on the Marshes (2018)
   2. Death on the River (2018)
   3. Death Comes to Call (2019)
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Eve Mallow Mystery
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   2. Mystery at Apple Tree Cottage (2020)
   3. Mystery at Seagrave Hall (2020)
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   5. Mystery at the Abbey Hotel (2021)

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