17 February 2024

Review: THE TRAP, Catherine Ryan Howard

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Transworld Digital (3 August 2023)
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Synopsis (Amazon

Stranded on a dark road in the middle of the night, a young woman accepts a lift from a passing stranger. It's the nightmare scenario that every girl is warned about, and she knows the dangers all too well - but what other choice does she have?

As they drive, she alternates between fear and relief - one moment thinking he is just a good man doing a good thing, the next convinced he's a monster. But when he delivers her safely to her destination, she realizes her fears were unfounded.

And her heart sinks. Because a monster is what she's looking for.

She'll try again tomorrow night. But will the man who took her sister take the bait?

My Take:

Lucy lives in the same house as her sister's boyfriend. Her sister Nicki did not come home several months ago and there has been no trace of her. Lucy is convinced her sister is one of a number of Irish girls who have been abducted in the last three or four years, that there is a serial killer at work. Lucy cannot accept that she is never going to see Nicki again. The boyfriend Chris is convinced it is time they let go and moved on. He wants to get on with his life, and says Lucy needs to do that too.

We see the action from several points of view: Angela who works in the Missing Persons Unit; Denise a Gardai attached to a special task force searching for 3 missing women in particular; and someone who appears to be abducting women.

The story explores the motives behind setting up a special task force, why some missing women warrants searches and others don't, and we inch closer to finding out what happened. 

There are a couple of unexpected twists right at the end, that make you feel the story has started all over again.

My rating: 4.4 

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