9 July 2015

Review: THE BANK INSPECTOR, Roger Monk

  • Publisher: The Horizon Publishing Group
  • ISBN: 9781922238375
  • ISBN-10: 1922238376 
  • Format: Paperback 
  • Language: English 
  • Number Of Pages: 422
  • Published: 1st September 2014
  • source: my local library 
Synopsis (Booktopia)

The perfect crime! One Monday morning, a bank branch is robbed. No one hurt or threatened. Not a hold-up. Not a tunnel into the vault. A three minutes robbery and the robber drives away. Not followed. Not caught. A perfect, flawless crime.

Detective Sergeant Brian Shaw hardly knows where to start, especially as he is distracted by an attempted murder in a nearby street. A story of greed, treachery and a heart-breaking family feud.

My Take

Thank you to blogging friend Bernadette for the recommendation to read this book. Her review at Fair Dinkum Crime is here.

This novel has so far not received the publicity it deserves. The plot is remarkably simple but at the same time intricately woven with a delicate twist. The setting is local - South Australia, Adelaide, Grote Street, Norwood, the Barossa Valley - some recognisable local scenery, set in 1950, some strongly drawn characters, and some intriguing mystery.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. For overseas readers I wish I could recommend an e-book but there doesn't appear to be one yet. I live in hope. I also have hopes that it will make the Ned Kelly shortlist.

My rating: 4.8


Bernadette said...

Glad you enjoyed it Kerrie. I've corresponded with Roger since posting the reivew on Fair Dinkum and he says there's a second book out in November which I'll be looking forward to.

skiourophile said...

Another local author I wouldn't have discovered without your review - many thanks!


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