28 March 2013

Forgotten Book: POISON IN THE PEN, Patricia Wentworth

My little green book
My plan this year for my contributions to Friday's Forgotten Books hosted by Pattinase is to feature books I read 20 years ago - in 1993- from the records I have in my "little green book", which I started in 1975. In 1993 I read 111 books and was pretty well addicted to crime fiction by then.

My choice this week is from Patricia Wentworth's Miss Silver series, #29, published in 1955.


When Tilling Green is plagued by a series of poison pen letters and a mysterious suicide, Miss Silver goes undercover and determines that a vicious killer is at work and is out to make her the next victim.

Tilling Green was a charming little village nestling in the Ledshire countryside. Not at all the sort of place you would expect to find an anonymous letter writer.
And when one of the recipients, a young woman, was found drowned in the lake belonging to the Manor House, Miss Silver was persuaded to go and investigate.

Valentine Grey, the pretty young heiress from the Manor House, was marrying one Gilbert Earle, but on the night of Valentine's pre-wedding party Jason Leigh, Valentine's former love, returned after months without a word.

From FictionDB

She is everyone's favorite spinster-detective. From her Edwardian hair style to her beaded shoes, she is the very model of a governess which indeed she once was. Now she has taken on the much more challenging occupation of private enquiry agent. Armed with stubborn British common sense and an iron will to succeed, she is one of the best at tracking murder, as memorable as the finest creations of Agatha Christie

For a full list of Miss Silver titles see Fantastic Fiction


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I think it's interesting that Maud Silver and Agatha Christie's Miss Marple made their debuts at about the same time. Miss Silver is of course different to Miss Marple in a lot of ways but they do have similarities. Thanks for reminding me of her.

Ryan said...

I have yet to read a Miss Silver book, though I know who she is.


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